Fallout 4 News: The Craziest Glitches You Might Encounter

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Bugs, bugs never change. Fallout 4 is already available at your favorite game retail stores, but the common issues found in all Bethesda games are still there, and that means a ton of bugs and glitches. Though not all of these bugs are that game-breaking, it is still funny to watch and experience these glitches. So we gathered some of the weirdest and craziest glitches that players found while playing Fallout 4 either in PC or in the home consoles.

Credits to Gamesradar for the compilation of the glitch videos

Here we find our loyal companion Dogmeat having a fun time swimming, on mid-air, look how adorable he is, and he is even staring at you so you can admire his effort in swimming.

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This scene can be creepy, will probably give you some nightmares, defying physics and doing the impossible in the human anatomy. Having some companions stuck in some weird movement like this one is not that common, though this can be fixed by loading a previous save state or just move to a different location to let the game load once again.

Here is another example of weird moment where your companions can get stuck in a weird pose, this time having too much about Michael Jackson that he just to do some of his moves, pretty good for a Smooth Criminal.

There here is another one where one character is just too busy to lay flat on the ground, but is still happy to have some conversation with you. And she can even crawl around the area while still lying dead on the floor.

And here we have a rare instance where five raiders just suddenly show up in a small cupboard and try to ambush you. But if you have your trusty rifle, everything be fine. But still getting yourself ambushed by five angry raiders inside a small cupboard is still kind of crazy.

And finally, here is a glitch where picking up items while standing on top of it will let you fly high above the sky, not sure how high can you get there though.

And these are the crazy glitches found in Fallout 4, but there are still more glitches to be found and more work for Bethesda to fix them. So if you found any new glitches and bugs, be sure to share them here by leaving a comment.

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