Fallout 4 News: Leaked Gameplay And Main Menu Screenshots Legit? Bethesda Has Warning For Leakers

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Tons of Fallout 4 leaked gameplay screenshots has been released even as the game?s release date is still a few days away. Bethesda has also warned against posting of gameplay videos and screenshots before November 10, hence, hinting that most of the leaked screenshots are legitimate. Here are the most recent Fallout 4 news.

Fallout 4 Screenshots

According to Gearnuke, NeoGAF user shinobi602 has posted tons of new screenshots of the various landscapes in the game. While these new screenshots showcases how vast the world that players will explore in the game, it also shows a few downgrades from the trailer shown at E3 2015. Here are all the leaked screenshots lifted from Gearnuke:


Fallout 4 leaked image 2

Fallout 4 leaked image 3

Fallout 4 leaked image 4

Fallout 4 leaked image 5

Fallout 4 leaked image 6

The Fallout 4 gameplay footage at E3 2015 has better shadows for distant objects when compared with the leaked PS4 screenshots, Gearnuke reported. This may be because early versions of the game was used by the leakers. Another probable reason is that Bethesda may polish the game before its release. If this is the case, Bethesda may release a day 1 patch.

Main Menu

Ever wondered how the main menu of the game will look like? A certain video game streamed ?vileself? has now leaked a screenshot of the game?s menu screen, Gameranx reported. Vileself said he took the photo while his friend was playing the game, but did not disclose why his friend already has a copy of the game, the report said. Video game streamer ?vileself? was asked to post gameplay videos by other gamers, however, he refused to do so as he says that he can only reveal the main menu screen.

Fallout 4 main menu

Is this the main menu of Fallout 4? Image lifted from Gameranx.

While the excuse of ?vileself? might make it seem like his photo of the main menu screenshot was fake, Bethesda?s warning to screenshot leaks actually boosts authenticity that this is indeed the real main menu of the game. Bethesda has recently warned that those who break their non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by posting images, streams, and videos of the game?on their forums before the game?s release in November 10 can caused members to be banned.

?Head?s up that we?re not allowing links/images/stream/videos to be shared in the forums prior to the release of the game. Folks that are currently sharing assets either have a copy they shouldn?t have or are breaking terms of our NDA with them. If you see something that shouldn?t be posted, you?re welcome to PM me, but let?s wait to share this stuff until the game is actually out?posting leaked content will lead to warnings, suspensions, and possibly even a forum ban.?

Fallout 4 will be released on November 10, 2015 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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