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Fallout 4 News: ‘Fallout New Orleans’ Being Developed By ?New Vegas? Creator?

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Recently, fans of Bethesda?s post-apocalyptic game found out about a Fallout New Orleans trademark being filed on Europe. With this new trademark, it?s possible that Bethesda may be planning another game game after Fallout 4 that?s set in New Orleans, or it could also just be a hoax that?s not from Bethesda itself. Alternatively, Fallout fans speculate that Fallout New Orleans might be a follow-up from Obsidian Entertainment?s Fallout spin-off entries instead of an expansion or a main entry in the series. Here?s what we know so far about Fallout New Orleans.

According to a thread on NEOGAF, Fallout New Orleans has been trademarked in Europe last August 10. As seen in the European Union Intellectual Property Office fast track site, the application is still under examination, and there are no hints of both Bethesda or Obsidian Entertainment in the records. Currently, fans speculate that this might actually be a major hoax due to the lack of official information and the logo?s quality.

Before Fallout 4, Obsidian Entertainment developed Fallout New Vegas for Bethesda. Fallout New Vegas was developed by the series? original creators, while Bethesda only developed Fallout 3 and the latest installment. According to RedditTrigger?s ?thread on the Gaming Reddit, Fallout New Vegas has more fleshed-out questlines which allowed players to immerse themselves in the game world, which was not the case in Fallout 4. If Obsidian Entertainment takes the helm in the Fallout series once more, Fallout fans may expect yet another deep post-apocalyptic world to explore.

However, Bethesda still hasn?t confirmed the existence of Fallout New Orleans, so take this news with a grain of salt. Bethesda has just released the Fallout 4 DLC Nuka-World trailer, which yet again shows new features of the game. Additionally, Bethesda is also busy with other games they own such as the recent DOOM and the upcoming Quake Champions.

Potentially, Bethesda letting Obsidian Entertainment develop Fallout New Orleans may mean that there might be an upcoming Elder Scrolls entry soon. Similar to the development of Fallout New Vegas, Bethesda contacted active developers of former Fallout owners so they can make the Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim. If Obsidian Entertainment is going to make Fallout New Orleans, it?s highly possible that Bethesda is cooking up a large game again.

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