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Fallout 4: New Titles for Game to be Announced at the E3 – is it Too Easy?

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Fallout 4 has been one of the hottest topics among gamers by far. It?s been rumored to be arriving at the E3 2015, after a truthful Bethesda proclamation said that they will be present during the gaming convention. Among other games that they are set to release, Fallout 4 seems to be the plausible choice for the unveiling during the said?event.

Aside from the event, a?report from Gaming Bolt explored the possibility of this Fallout being an interesting one. Would Bethesda tweak the difficulty settings this time around, making Fallout 4 truly different and become the pioneer for the rest of the series? In other news, according to a?Realty Today article, Fallout 4 may get a working title?the same as Elder Scrolls 6, if it were the one actually arriving.

Possibilities for Fallout 4

With Fallout 4?s arrival reported on the horizon, the time is right for speculations to roll around.

Specifically, one thing Fallout 4 needs to address is the ?easy? modes of difficulty?that is prevalent with the?earlier versions?of the Fallout series, as Gaming Bolt pointed out. Problems in the game are easily solved through the use of?better armor and the possession of a bigger gun. The article even went so far to suggest that Fallout 4 should take a page out of Bloodborne or more closely, Dark Souls.

Both games being insanely difficult, can be made easier through?an equal distribution of loot and weapons as well as the institution of a system like the Nemesis from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor? It would be interesting to be able to count on a Super Mutant by your side or at least, get your enemies to fight each other.

What?s in a Name?

Fallout 4 might or might not be the game that Bethesda?s holding out on its reveal, but at this early a stage, people are already thinking about names.

That?s what appears to be the case with the Realty Today article. Speculation?is?rife that it?s either Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6, with?the former as a?scenario that is more possible. The hiring of a new developer in Josh Hamrick, as reported in Realty Today,?appears to be in line with the arrival of Fallout 4. If this is the truth, then its full scale ahead for the development of Elder Scrolls 6.

Names in the past that have been connected to Elder Scrolls 6 were ?Argonia?, ?Hammerfell?, and ?The Summerset Isles?, to name a few. Fallout, however for its part, has ?Fallout: New Vegas? although it was more a spin-off of ?Fallout 3? than anything.

Fallout 4 at the E3 2015

All signs appear to be pointing to?Fallout 4 arriving at the E3 2015?as the?revelation date for the latest incarnation of this game title. However, as is anything else connected with Bethesda, the best option would be to wait for word from Bethesda executives themselves.? At least, it won?t be for long, since E3 is fast approaching.


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