Fallout 4: New Game Could Use Skyrim’s Game Engine; Ice-T and Liam Neeson Avid Players?

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Guarding your only way home. [Fallout|BethSoft]

Fallout 4 is another hot property on the horizon, especially since E3 2015?s certain to come in a few months. What kind of surprises will we be expecting from Bethesda, who is hosting a show at the E3? For sure, Fallout 4 can only be the surprise game that they?ll unveil in the show, though we?d rather wait for that when the even finally comes around. According to Game Ranx, Fallout 4?s development was leaked by Bethesda in bread crumbs left from their last game?The Elder Scrolls 5.

While we take a look at that, let?s not forget that even celebrities do play games. The Fallout franchise, according to GameFAQS, is a popular game among them. Who among the celebrities counts the Fallout franchise as a stress reliever? If the forum chatters from GameFAQS are to be believed, you?d be surprised to know that perhaps your favorite actor or musician is among the people addicted to the post-apocalyptic simulator.

Skyrim might be the Breadcrumb

The Game Ranx report places some very logical points in their report.

Nothing less than a playable demo or a trailer of Fallout 4 will be expected by the spectators at Bethesda?s E3 2015 show, that much is certain. Despite the absence of anything else pertaining to Fallout 4, it appears that Bethesda?s hosting of their own show during the conference is enough to fuel speculations of the arrival of Fallout 4 at long last.

What?s a discussion about Fallout 4 speculations without word from MrMattyPlays, a self-styled expert on Fallout 4 clues? The latest from this fellow is that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim?the latest game from Bethesda?s labs?is going to help Fallout 4 by lending some assets into its creation. More about his theories in this video from YouTube:

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Celebrity Past-time

So what do celebrities do when they?re not in the limelight?

While others would go out and party, a select few would rather get down to business and pay some attention to their characters on computer. We?ve seen Will Ferrell playing video games. We?ve also heard of Liam Neeson being the voice actor behind James, father of the Lone Wanderer in Fallout 3.

Some might be surprised enough to hear that, according to the discussions at this particular GameFAQS board, Ice-T is an avid Fallout New Vegas player. There are even further discussions that Matthew Perry and Wayne Newton are voice actors in New Vegas, until everything takes a turn for the weird, and the people says Stephen Hawking probably plays it in preparation for a real-life Fallout event.

The Seriousness of a Fallout Revelation

Have MrMattyPlays? theories finally hit the nail on the head? What will celebrities think of Fallout 4 when it finally arrives? With attention such as this, it will be a big let-down if Fallout 4 turns out to be absent during Bethesda?s event at the E3 2015. Bethesda, however, wouldn?t announce their presence at the games?a first-ever?just for nothing.


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