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Fallout 4: More Fan Theories from Reddit

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Fallout 4 might not be recorded as one of the most awaited games in history, but it can certainly make the case for that.

Fallout 4 had been one of the widely divisive, most polarizing topics on the net, based on who you were asking. Those who were for Fallout 4 wanted to believe all the news available on it?even if it came from sites citing dubious sources about the game?s so-called ?release?. The others, however, chose to criticize every item that comes out about the game?articles which talk about topics about Fallout 4 and others.

Let?s take some more looks at the Reddit page for Fallout 4. A lot of the brighter Fallout 4 ideas have been coming from this page, although of course, most of them are just fan theories. That?s what makes them interesting, though; they are theories formed from the minds of people who play Fallout 4. Another topic we take a look at is Fallout 4?s game engine as per this International Business Times article?will it be worth waiting to see what it is?

The Fallout 4 Hype Machine

Since Bethesda has been silent, some people believe it falls upon them to keep the rumor mill going.

Bethesda clearly has plans for Fallout 4?although we don?t know what those may be. It might be that they?re planning to shelve it for the time being, but user OnlyKindaTurnt thought that Bethesda might have finished the game. He placed some of the game?s teasers and all to appear some time during late-January to mid-May, which may raise the hopes among some of us. This might work?then again, it might not.

Bethesda might not have been working on these games, seeing as they might?ve chosen instead to focus on The Evil Within and Doom. However, it?s not entirely believable that they?or the publisher?haven?t been working on Fallout 4, or at least have been discussing the game amongst the higher-ups in the company.

Creation Engine Updates

This comes from an International Business Times India article which says there might also be some possibility that the game will be released in 2015. However, due to the lack of other evidence, that is not all believable. The article, however, suggested a source site?GameRanx?and they believe this means Fallout will be releasing, if the theory posted by YouTube user MrMattyPlays is to be believed.

The theory is that-as per an interview of Ashley Cheng, and per a popular trend in Bethesda games?the games come out in a three to four year cycle. Since there?s been at least three or four years after Skyrim came out, Fallout 4 should arrive. The trend also suggests that?in between Elder Scrolls games?a Fallout title comes out and it could possibly be the case with Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 incoming?

Unless Bethesda decides to break their silence, we?ll never know.

Fallout 4 has been discussed in a variety of other articles and even in websites. Bethesda could silence all of that, however, with an announcement regarding the state of completion of the game. Fallout 4 might release in 2016 or this year, but who knows? It?s only Bethesda?or the publisher?who truly knows the true state Fallout 4 is in.


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