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Fallout 4 Mods Update: Creation Kit DLC, PS4 Mod Support, Bug Fixes

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Fallout 4 Mod Creation Kit
Fallout 4 Mod Creation Kit

Bethesda Game Studios released the latest Creation Kit DLC update to Fallout 4 last week, as it prepares the PlayStation 4 for the PC mod support, reports PCGamesN.com. A mod support was released earlier for Xbox One.

With recent problems of Fallout 4 mod piracy surfacing, Bethesda?s newest Creation Kit DLC Update has introduced a Steam link feature that requires console gamers to link Bethesda.net account to their Steam accounts before uploading any mods to the service.

After introduction of Fallout 4 mod support for Xbox One last month, several PC mod creators found that their creations were being stolen and uploaded to Bethesda.net for use on Xbox One.

Many PC modders complained that their work has lifted from non official, third party hosting sites such as Nexus mods while console players lamented that PC modders were being lazy or selfish by not sharing their work.

In response Bethesda created a channel through which mod creators could file complaints under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to have the content removed.

The requirement of a Steam-linked Bethesda.net account appears to be an additional means of tracking or sanctioning those who lift work for use on consoles. The developer could enact harsher penalties on those who find a way to abuse the system, by stealing content or uploading nefarious mods.

To link your Bethesda.net account, start Fallout 4, select Mods, and log in. This automatically links your Bethesda.net account to your Steam ID.

In addition, there are also some general optimizations and bug fixes, and with the PS4’s private mod beta coming soon, Bethesda have also rolled out PS4 Mod support. Modders looking to push your mods to the PS4, all you have to do is pick up the latest Creation Kit update. There are still few caveats to the PS4 support, including a maximum size of 900mb for mods, according to the details on Bethesda’s site.

Known Issues with PS4 Mods

  • PC textures are used. Memory and performance issues may occur. We are working with Sony on optimal texture exporting support in a future update.
  • Sound files are currently not supported. PS4 sound format is a proprietary format. We are working with Sony on sound file processing support in a future update.
  • PS4 Mod Storage limit is approximately 900 MB at present. Please do not upload mods larger than 900 MB. We are working with Sony to increase this limit.

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