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Fallout 4, Mass Effect 4 teasers as E3 2015 looms; Beloved VATS system gone?

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Bethesda?s hottest property right now is a game that people aren?t even sure will be around until E3 2015 comes in.

Fallout 4, a game which Bethesda neither confirmed nor denied as coming, has been in the headlines for the past few weeks, thanks in part to a ?prophetic? Bethesda announcement on their blog. The announcement was for an E3 show, their very first in recent years. More about Fallout 4 comes in this article from Express UK, along with another hotly discussed game, Mass Effect 4.

As it is, we focus on another rumor that?s slowly gaining steam. It?s true that there are many possibilities surrounding Fallout 4?possibilities that include a new game engine, and as such, improved gameplay. But would the removal of the beloved VATS system be an improvement? This Movie Pilot article explores the distinct possibility of players not being able to systematically pick apart their opponent in Fallout 4.

Mass Effect 4 and Fallout 4: Couple of 4s that are 1s

Fallout 4 appears to be coming along with a nice nod to the past.

Erik Todd Dellums?better known as ?Three-Dawg?, the last remaining free-radio DJ of the Wastelands?tweeted that he ?just did something that will hopefully make all #ThreeDog fans smile?, according to Express UK. That along could make people become even restless for the arrival of Fallout 4, which appears to be headed to the E3 2015.

Other notable titles coming to the E3 are Gears of War and Mass Effect 4, according to Express UK. Mass Effect 4, however, appears to have a bigger chance of being announced at the E3 2015, especially since Chris Wynn has been periodically tweeting about the progress of the combat system.

VATS no longer making a return?

VATS was one system of the Fallout franchise that made it easier to kill an enemy, even if players were new to the game.

However, Fallout 4 might not be too friendly to first-time players of the Fallout franchise. According to Movie Pilot, the VATS system?where players could choose which body part to cripple and shoot?was going to be removed. However, the thing is that it would be replaced with a better system that?s more suited to the game engine, if ever there was a new one to be used.

Other ways that could compensate for the reported loss of VATS, according to the Movie Pilot article, would be to re-tool VATS into something new.

Fueling the Fallout 4?hype

As June draws nearer and nearer, it seems Bethesda won?t have to do anything else about fueling people?s excitement about their show. The quality of the Fallout franchise?however buggy it may have been?speaks for itself and, if they really manage to pull of creating a better Fallout in Fallout 4, the excitement won?t have been for naught for many fans.


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