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Fallout 4: ‘Lone Wanderer’ is Alone for a Reason

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Fallout 4 has been picking up steam on both the rumors and the news while E3 comes closer and closer. The game is one of Bethesda?s more loved franchises, in the same vein as Skyrim. There?s a reason, though, why these games work as single-player games and not as MMO or co-op games. We take a look at this Game Ranx article about what works for Fallout?reasons why it should stay single-player and not anything else.

Of course, the voice of the people should be heard as to what they really want. In this IGN forum thread, we listen to the voice of the people as they talk about the game going multi-player or not. One half of the crowd vouches that Fallout might work even when given the co-op tag?another part doesn?t think it would be an addition.

No MMO, No Co-op

There should be some reasons why Fallout 4 should remain single-player. Three games?pointed out by Game Ranx?that shouldn?t have gone the route of co-op were Dead Space 3, Resident Evil 5 (and its sequels), and Assassin?s Creed Unity. The co-op flavored sequels weren?t up to scratch when compared with the non-co-op ones.

The game, according to the Game Ranx article, was designed for the main reason that the Wanderer was meant to be along, and he or she alone should be able to complete the quests by his or her lonesome. It doesn?t make sense to have lots and lots of Vault breakers traveling around the Wastelands sharing the same fate as the others.

Unless they pull of making VATS available to use by everyone in that co-op game, it won?t work. VATS was created for the use of only a lone character, and as Game Ranx puts it, it?s one of the systems that make the Fallout franchise truly unique.

From the People

Fallout 4?s arrival isn?t lost on a lot of people, and each side is already voicing their opinion.

One user, Big Boxx, fought for the right for multiplayer. The Fallout universe, he says, has the perfect layout for a multi-player type of game. User LiziHodcroft agreed with him only to an extent. Fallout 4, the user says, should be a different kind of game from a multi-player Fallout game.

As for the comments pushing for Fallout: Online becoming like The Elder Scrolls: Online, it might not be such a good idea. There is a dedicated audience who already knows that anything like The Elder Scrolls: Online is not a good game after all.


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