Fallout 4 Locations: In-Game Comparison With Real Life, How Faithful Did Bethesda Recreate Boston?

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A number of monuments and historical landmarks of Boston remain in the post-apocalyptic setting in Fallout 4. Someone has made a comparison of several Fallout 4 locations with their real-life counterpart. But it isn?t just the famous areas that make it into the Fallout 4 locations but also the rich history that lies within Boston.

Fallout 4 Locations

A Reddit user took screenshots of the game in order to compare it with the real areas in Boston. Landmarks such as the Paul Revere Statue and the Bunker Hill Monument largely remains intact in the game. Buildings such as the Old State House and the Tower of Old North Church will surely look familiar to people who have lived in Boston.

According to VG24/7, Bethesda took over 4 years of game development just to apply all the meticulous details in the game. Here are some of the in-game vs real life comparison from Reddit user two2teps. You can check out the entire gallery on Imgur.

Fallout 4 Locations

Not Just For Familiarity

According to Beta Boston, it is not just the landmarks of Boston that graces the game but also its history. ?The Minutement, based on the militia companies that fought the British during the Revolutionary War, are a faction patrolling the Commonwealth that you can align with during the game,? the report said.

?You run into them at the start in the fictional Museum of Freedom in Concord, which is a decaying dedication to that same Colonial history. If you want, you can knock over mannequins and listen in on some audio recordings that give you a brief history lesson.?

In the game, the people of the Commonwealth treat The Institute as a boogeyman that scares the living crap out of them because of the advanced technology they possess. The Institute?s robot creation called ?synths? are housed inside the Commonwealth Institute of Technology or C.I.T. (the game?s version of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology aka M.I.T.).

?Game Director Todd Howard previously said back in E3 2015 that Bethesda chose to set Fallout 4 in Boston because of the city?s history and technology, GameSpot reported. ?We had some seeds in Fallout 3,? Howard said. ?And we felt that Boston has the right mix of American and high-tech. It?s very good for Fallout?.

Have you found more Fallout 4 locations that exists in real-life Boston? Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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