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Fallout 4: Lessons from New Vegas and Bunker Discoveries

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Fallout 4 is one game that has been announced prematurely by the fans even before Bethesda buckled down to do something about it.

One aspect of it being so heavily hyped and talked about could be because there?s no game that came close to offering you freedom in roaming the Wastelands. The destiny that a player subjected himself to was ultimately shaped by him. The only thing that needs fixing, it seems, is everything else?the gameplay and all that was connected with the programming, according to this What Culture article.

The discussion about the Fallout series happening in real life has been featured for some time. It?s not completely impossible, seeing as the world does have superpowers with nuclear capabilities, and even countries like Afghanistan and North Korea can do something about that. These Daily Mail UK articles, then, are vital pieces of information worth reading in the event someone decided to push that button on that launch console.

The Lessons of New Vegas

New Vegas came right after Fallout 3 was released, defeating the purpose of continuing the story and actually bringing players to another place with events happening side-by-side as the Lone Wanderer walked the Wastes.

New Vegas also offered a different character, the Courier, who went on a different mission. However, the game did feature things differently than Fallout 3, although it could be a perfect example for what works and what doesn?t, according to the What Culture article.

Basically, the article advised that for Fallout 4 to work, there needed to be more substance than size; the game needed to explore a return to the basics; and aside from fixing the story and the gameplay, Fallout 4 should be done under a completely new engine. That should compensate for the bugs, which appears to be a staple of every Bethesda and Obsidian-made Fallout game.

Fallout Shelters are No Joke

Fallout 4, paying homage to the real-life threat of nuclear war and the theme during the Cold War, featured Vaults?large underground fallout shelters designed to hold communities of people.

Vaults might seem laughable, but these Daily Mail UK articles shows how fallout shelters continue to be discovered in the real world-and no, there are no shelter inhabitants living in them. One family in Neenah, Wisconsin, came face-to-face with a blast from the past. Little did they know that this fallout shelter was existing right under their noses, completely stocked with items from the 50s.

Another family, the Otcaseks, stumbled upon their own fallout shelter 15 feet below their Woodland Hills home in California. In this other Daily Mail UK article, the family also had a unique collection of 50s memorabilia preserved in the shelter?including a stack of magazines from that forgotten era.

The Threat of Nuclear War

What makes these games so popular, perhaps, is the ever-present threat that this nuclear future could become a reality. Let the arrival of Fallout 4 be a welcome reminder that there is an ever-present threat among us that doesn?t need to come true, ever.


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