Fallout 4 Leaks: Gameplay Video From The Vault To The Wasteland Surfaces Online, Poor Graphics And Animations Plague The Game?

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After yesterday?s slew of leaked Fallout 4 screenshots and gameplay details, full gameplay videos have now popped on the internet. The new Fallout 4 leaked gameplay video is rife with spoilers so you should veer away if you want to play the game with a fresh experience.

Fallout 4 Leaks

Pastebin has uploaded his playthrough of the early sections of the game, Eurogamer reported. The video shows events before the nuclear fallout to the wasteland sections where you can see the improved shooting mechanics, GameSpot reported. You can download the leaked footage by clicking the link here.

Another batch of leaked videos have also been posted on a Reddit thread. There?s tons of videos on this thread that are still live as of this writing. Don?t expect all of the leaked gameplay videos to look graphically excellent, although, they also don?t look horrid.

Poor Graphics & Animations?

For numerous gamers who have seen the leaked videos, they think that the game doesn?t live-up to expectations, Forbes reported. Most of those on the Reddit thread think both the graphics and the animations were poorly done.

While most of the gamers acknowledged that the game?s graphics has been improved from Fallout 3, it isn?t a revolutionary change. A Reddit user said that the game merely looks like a modded Fallout 3.

But the graphics is the smallest concern. Many were frustrated that Bethesda has still to improve their animations for their games. Poor facial animations are present for almost all characters in the game.

Your protagonist in this latest post-apocalyptic game is now fully voiced and you can choose between a male or female lead. Most were bothered with the poor voice acting of the male protagonist. Some were even uneasy that there might not be enough variety in the dialogue options.

What do you think about the leaked videos? Fallout 4 will be released on November 10, 2015 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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