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Fallout 4: The Latest Details from Bethesda Reveals no Fallout 4?

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The news for Fallout 4 just keeps coming as June draw closer and closer.

The news from Digital Spy ought to keep everyone excited. Bethesda has started issuing invites to the event. Some observers were quick to point out something lacking in the invites. According to the invite from Bethesda, there are characters from games like Doom and Wolfenstein sitting in the chairs. Looking closely, however, Fallout 4 characters are conspicuously absent.

Another idea for Fallout 4 comes from Movie Pilot. With Fallout 4 apparently about to be shown at the E3 2015, will another game come alongside it, in the same way that Fallout: New Vegas came out right after Fallout 3? It makes sense, especially if the game is a spin-off?a nod back to the earlier days of the Fallout franchise when it wasn?t under Bethesda.

A non-Invitation

The invite to Bethesda?s closed door presentation at the E3 2015 has been sent out. Contrary to what many people would believe, though, it?s not the type of invite that they expected.

The image, which was posted at Bethesda?s BethBlog, showed a card indicating the audience, with others showing clues as to what games might possibly be released on that date. There?s the Cyberdemon from Doom, Sebastian of The Evil Within, and BJ Blazkowicz of Wolfenstein. However, there are no indications as to Fallout 4.

If the invite is any indication, then Fallout 4 might still be in production under a different developer, with Bethesda to act as publisher. However, Bethesda might have something up their sleeves. The event, according to Bethesda?s blog, will be on June 14, with the deadline of the registration for the event set at May 4th, 2015.

Fallout could return to its Roots

Fallout 4 might go the way of Bethesda?s Fallout 3 in that it has an off-shoot.

As for the off-shoot, however, Movie Pilot suggests that Bethesda could take some time re-exploring the roots of the franchise. In Fallout?s early days, the game played out like a tactical RPG. If that?s the case, Bethesda could?in a whirl of nostalgia?create a game that functions for Fallout 4 in the same way as Fallout: New Vegas.

Will that be a step back for Bethesda or a small and nostalgic step forward? Considering that Fallout 4 will possibly be a next-generation game and will use a new engine, a tactical-RPG off-shoot might not work, considering that most PCs today are geared at running games in their finest.

The Verdict for Fallout 4

Does the invite mean that Fallout 4 is a no-go? If so, how will this affect people?s expectations that Fallout 4 might be the secret game that Bethesda is planning to reveal? Nobody knows but Bethesda, who could be doing it as a way of surprising people the same way they did when they announced Skyrim for The Elder Scrolls back in 2011.


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