Fallout 4: How To Get Cryolator Weapon At The Start Of The Game Before Leaving Vault 111

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Have you seen the locked container holding a weapon called Cryolator in the overseer?s office in Vault 111 in Fallout 4? Well you don?t need to level up or get any perks at all just to open it and get the weapon. Here?s how to get the Cryolator.

How To Get Cryolator

All you need to get the weapon is to bring your dog companion, Dogmeat, with you in Vault 111 and command?him to fetch an item and he?ll hand the weapon to you immediately (thanks?Kotaku). We’ve tested it ourselves and it works. That’s?actually all you need to do to get it.

You can find Dogmeat in Red Rocket and have him as a travel companion immediately. The Red Rocket gas station can easily be found as you journey towards Concord.

To get the weapon immediately after finding Dogmeat, you can fast travel to Vault 111 via your Pipboy. After using the fast travel method, you?ll spawn on the surface of Vault 111. To go inside the vault, there?s an elevator booth near the area. Just press the button then head to the elevator.

Cryolator Case in Fallout 4

Just talk to Dogmeat, then command him to “Fetch” an item for you. He’ll get the weapon immediately and drop the weapon on the ground.

Make sure to claim the weapon as soon as you can because Bethesda might possibly fix this exploit in an update. If you want to get the weapon via legitimate means, you need to be at least level 18 and have a perception of 4 to unlock the locksmith perk at master level.

Getting the weapon early on in the game can be beneficial as it is extremely powerful. The weapon can freeze enemies in an instant allowing you to just hammer them easily with melee weapons. Take note, however, that you may want to conserve your ammunition as ammo for it is scarce.

Fallout 4 is available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also check our?guide on where to find all you companions. If you’re struggling in hacking terminals, you can find a cheat and a guide here.


The glitch still works. Just make sure that Dogmeat is near the Cyrolator Case when you tell him to fetch an item. To make Dogmeat go near the case, you can order Dogmeat to “go” near the Cyrolator Case or command him to close the security door. For more exploits and cheats, you can check our article here.

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