Fallout 4 Hack: Infinite Carry Weight Glitch For Your Companions

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Taking every single item you can find in Fallout 4 is tempting and most players opt to travel back and forth their base?just to grab all the items in the game. You can give most of your items to your companion so you can keep on looting things, however, they can only carry a certain amount of weight like you. A new glitch has been discovered which lets your partner have an infinite inventory weight so you can keep on hoarding everything you find in the wasteland. Here?s how to do the glitch.

Fallout 4 Hack

You can talk to your companions in the game and order them to do certain things such as surveying the area to look for enemies or items. What you need to do is to talk to your companion, then command them to pickup items for you. Even if your companion?s carry weight is full, they can still carry items that you ordered them to retrieve (thanks Gearnuke).

To retrieve the items you asked your companions to grab, just talk to them and trade items. This is useful as you can make your companion an infinite walking storage for everything you need in the game. If you?re scared that the glitch may cause some terrible consequences in the game, just use them as a temporary storage until you reach your base.

With this trick, you can easily make your companions carry all the items you want, even heavy ones such as mini-guns. You can also use an infinite carry weight glitch if you?re gaming on PC. If you still need help in understanding this Fallout 4 hack, you can watch the video below by PowerPyx.

Fallout 4 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you need more help in the game, you can check our terminal hacking tips and companion?s location guide.

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