Fallout 4 Guide: How To Steal Easily Without Being Detected, Avoid Fights And Killing Your Friends With A Sneaky Trick

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You can easily get away with stealing items in real life by making sure that no one sees you pick-up their belongings, and this principle applies in Fallout 4. You can loot almost all the items in the wasteland as long as the ?take? command is color green. Taking items when the text is color red means that you are stealing someone?s possession and getting caught will result to a number of people trying to kill you. Here?s our Fallout 4 Guide on how to steal items easily:

Fallout 4 Guide & Tricks

Crouching helps you know if you are ?hidden? or ?detected? by other people. You can safely steal items as long as you are ?hidden?, but most AI just stay in one corner making it difficult for you to rob them.

The trick in stealing items is to hold the ?take? button so you lift the item instead of putting it inside your inventory. Lift the item somewhere where you can?t be seen by anyone and crouch to see if you are ?hidden?. Take the item when it?s safe and repeat the process until you get everything you need. (Hat Tip Twinfinite)

Take note that items inside larger containers such as drawers or wall-mounted health kits can?t be lifted. Make sure that you save your game before attempting to steal because you may accidentally steal the item instead of just lifting it.

With this trick, you?ll no longer need to engage in fights with certain individuals just to take their items. Even if you are strong enough to handle your enemies, you might not want to kill other folks just because of junk items as you can barter items with them. Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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