Fallout 4 Guide: Easily Level Up Your Character With Maximum Experience Points Multipliers

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Earning experience points to level-up is necessary in Fallout 4 for increasing your S.P.E.C.I.A.L and attaining various perks. If you want to earn EXP faster, there?s a trick in the game to help you earn a maximum amount of EXP possible. Here?s how our Fallout 4 guide to help you earn EXP faster.

Fallout 4 Guide

Having the ?Idiot Savant? perk offers players the chance to receive triple EXP rewards for any action. The lower your Intelligence level, the higher your chances are for receiving the 3x EXP reward. This perk requires players to be at least level 1 with Luck 5, so you can get this perk as soon as you reach level 2.

Reddit user minusra has done an extensive guide with graphs on how increasing INT will affect your EXP gains and how players take advantage of the Idiot Savant perk (Hat Tip Gamerant). Increasing your INT per level will boost the EXP you gain by about 3%, however, the 3x EXP possible rewards via the Idiot Savant perk will help you much more in easily reaching higher levels in the game. You can level-up the Idiot Savant Perk to Rank 2, boosting the possible EXP gains to 5x EXP.

Imagine receiving a 3x or 5x EXP multiplier whenever you finish quests. Employing this trick can help you level-up your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and acquire most of the perks you want easily. Even simple tasks such as crafting weapons, discovering new areas, and successfully conversing with people will give you EXP so you?ll surely want to take advantage of this perk.

Take note that you might still want to increase your INT because of the handy perks it offers such as ?Gun Nut? which you need for making gun modifications and ?Science!? which enables you to make high-tech mods. INT also contains the ?Hacker? perk for hacking terminals of varying levels.

Fallout 4 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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