Fallout 4 Guide: Cambridge Polymer Labs Quest Walkthrough On How To Finish The Research And Exit The Laboratory

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Are you stuck inside the laboratory in the Fallout 4 Cambridge Polymer Labs quest? This quest is quite difficult to accomplish if you don?t like puzzle solving and if you don?t read the messages in the computer terminals. Worse, you won?t be able to exit the area until you successfully finish the mission. Here?s our Fallout 4 guide on how to finish the research project or breach security to exit Cambridge Polymer Labs.

Fallout 4 Guide: Complete The Research

You can exit the laboratory by either finishing the research or breaching the security system. Completing the research will not only allow you to receive a bottle caps reward from Molly, you?ll also receive the Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest. To finish this mission via completing the research, you?ll have to acquire first the Sample 311 Lithium Hydride, Sample 611 Gold, and U-238.

Fallout 4 Armor

The Sample 311 Lithium Hydride can be found in room C4 which also houses a neat Hazmat suit that has a huge resistance against radiation damage. The U-238 can be obtained inside the containment room, but you?ll first need to hack the terminal in room C5 to open the room (You can use our hacking terminal guide if you?re having difficulty). The containment room houses a strong ?Glowing One? ghoul, but you can easily kill it by not entering the doorway and blasting the ?Glowing One? from afar.

The Sample 611 Gold can be obtained inside room C3, the room with a collapsed catwalk on the second floor. If you don?t have a high hacker perk to open the room, head into room C1 (the room opposite of C3) where you?ll see a way that heads into the ceiling duct. Travel to the far end of the ceiling duct to enter the locked room C3.

Once you have all these three items, head back to room C2. Insert the Sample 111 in the leftmost of the Polymer Coating Applicator. Place the Sample 311 Lithium Hydride to the right. Then place the U-238 to the far-most right of the Polymer Coating Applicator.?Start the process to receive the Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest.

Fallout 4 Cambridge Lab

After making the Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest, talk to Molly and she will open the room. Follow Molly into the Director?s room. Once the director is dead, Molly will reward you with bottle caps and the mission is already complete.

Fallout 4 Guide: Facility Breach

You can activate a facility breach that will make all turrets hostile. Even Molly will turn hostile, but doing this will allow you to leave the area immediately even without finishing the research project. You?ll need to hack the terminal in room C3 then activate the security breach. If you don?t have a high hacker perk to open the terminal, head into room C1 where you?ll see a way that heads into the ceiling duct and going to the far end will lead you to room C3.

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