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Fallout 4 Gameplay: Review, Plot, New Weapons, And The Excitement We Got From The Exploration Trailer

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Fallout 4 gameplay review

Only a few more months before we finally get to play Bethesda?s long-overdue RPG hit, Fallout 4. There?s so much to be excited about basing on clamor fans made when the official gameplay was released recently since it first thrilled fans at the E3 conference last month.

And though we?ve been keeping ourselves entertained by playing the best-selling mobile counterpart, Fallout Shelter, we truly believe that there are new elements to be doubly excited about once the new PC, PS4 and Xbox One Fallout version comes out this November.

Fallout 4 Gameplay

So what are the best things we can take away based on the gameplay? Here are our favorites:

  • You get to choose which character you want to play. You start the game with your own nuclear family, and there will be a point at the start of the game that you get to choose whether you want to play the game as man or woman. You do this by choosing which personality you?re coming out as from the bathroom ? a scene which happens before the nuclear blast that will change the world happens.
  • Your dog becomes your greatest ally early on in the game. Because really, what?s life without a loyal pet right? The dog can be a very useful ? fetch you stuff and even go over an enemy for a final kill. What?s more, he doesn?t die! So you don?t get lonely even in a post-apocalyptic world where everything is wiped out by a nuclear war
  • There?s so much gore. Although there are fans who made a comment that the graphics of Fallout 4 has not improved since the 2009 version, we feel that the action sequence is quite commendable. The fight scenes are exciting, and the blood bath can still get your heart racing.
  • The armor. Donning an armor which pretty much looked like Iron Man?s Mark 1 was an exhilarating weapon?to wear, specially when up against mutant monsters and raiders with badass weapons.
  • A more dynamic game. In the first three Fallout games, one has always been able to craft weapons that prove very important for one?s survival, but in Fallout 4, the crafting has elevated and your character will be able to create really nifty weapons from almost all materials you can find. Fallout 4 will have 50 base weapons which you can level-up in 700 different ways.
  • Pip Boy. We?ve been quite acquainted with Pip Boy not only in the first Fallout games but also in the mobile version, but in Fallout 4, you are expected to have a better ?relationship? with your VA. And you can even play Donkey Kong with him if you get tired of just looking at your stats!

So there you have it, there?s still so much to take from the Gameplay trailer released by Bethesda, but we end this story with one thing we conclude: Fallout 4 is going to be as great as we all expect it to be!

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