Fallout 4 Gameplay Features You Didn?t Know: Cover-Based Shooting, Blowing Grenades In The Air, And More

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Did you know you can play Fallout 4 like a cover-based shooter? There are a handful of Fallout 4 gameplay features that are poorly explained or never mentioned in the game at all. Here?s some of the best Fallout 4 gameplay features you should know. (Also Check Our Part I Of Things You Didn?t Know You Can Do)

Take Cover!

Go into the first person perspective and approach a corner of a wall. Your gun will dip showing that you are in cover. Holding the aim button from this stance will let your character lean-out, enabling you to make potshots at the enemy. Removing your finger from the aim button will pull you back in cover.

Rename Your Weapons!

Tired of the long named modded weapon you have? Go to weapon crafting then select a weapon. You?ll see four options below: Srap, Modify, Rename, and Back. Choose rename and pick any goofy or badass name you want for your weapons.

Blow Grenades In The Sky!

Are you struggling to hit enemies with grenades? Then use VATS to slow down time blow your grenade before it even lands on the floor. This trick is also useful for rooftop fights as you can throw a fragmentation grenade and use VATS to pop that explosive while it?s mid-air.

There?s a date on your Pip-Boy!

Did you know there?s a date and time on your Pip-Boy? Open your Pip-Boy menu and go to your map. You?ll see the date and time on the bottom left of your screen. Special events are celebrated in the game such as Diamond City Christmas decorations on December 25. They also place pumpkins and other decors during Halloween.

Carry Bodies And Items

Are you wondering why bodies in Fallout 4 remain even after you?ve looted them of all their items? Bethesda isn?t just doing it for realism. You can also carry their bodies by holding the ?take? button. You can try carrying a Super Mutant Suicider?s body someplace and shoot it to blast whatever you want. You can also do this with items in the game and there?s a neat stealing trick you can do by doing this.

Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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