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Fallout 4: Game Announcement puts Cars in the Wasteland?

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It?s time for another round of Fallout discussions!

This time, however, it?s the fans that take the limelight. As the E3 2015 looms closer and closer, so does the potential announcement about the status of Fallout 4. Many a hoax had been written or said about Fallout 4?that it would be released this year and that, and that it would be set in Boston, even if Bethesda hasn?t confirmed anything about the game.

So far, the conspiracies haven?t dampened the enthusiasm for the game, as it appears. We?re here, however, to take a look at the possibilities concerning the Bethesda game. As per Movie Pilot, the game will finally play host to something that other players has been making mods of or at least wishing for?cars. It looks like it will happen, finally, even as we take a look at this article from Game Ranx?a round-up of Redditors who want to play guess when Fallout 4 will be announced.

Fallout 4 will have Cars

An interesting dynamic that?s set to come to Fallout 4 is that there will be vehicular carnage.

As per Movie Pilot, Fallout 4 will feature cars ala-ID?s Rage. This means that there will be vehicles in Fallout 4, but not just vehicles?they will feature a twist. Fallout 4?s vehicles will be rolling fortresses of vengeance which perhaps the Protagonist or the various antagonists will be able to control. This, then, make Fallout 4 look like Mad Max fully, what with the dog companion having been introduced in the past Fallout games.

The Movie Pilot page further suggests that it should be placed in the game kind of like a quest, where you needed to collect vehicle parts for the car. Does it sound like it would work? Perhaps, but then again, perhaps not. Maybe they should just leave it out for lore?s sake.

Reddit?s take on Fallout 4 once again

The Fallout franchise has a very active Reddit community, and once again, they?re at it.

Game Ranx has Redditors saying that the game will at last be announced at the E3?or perhaps, even before E3 arrives. Redditors are quoted as saying that it is being done so that Fallout 4 won?t take away attention that should be given to the new Doom game, which should be another game Bethesda will be showcasing at its E3 event. Such a prospect is interesting, to say the least.

However, it?s not a certainty. Reddit sources aren?t the voice of Bethesda; though, of course, who knows what Bethesda thinks? The Redditor, whoever he or she may be, did raise a valid point, though. Bethesda might intend to announce Fallout 4 before the event so as to let Doom enjoy its time in the spotlight as well.

Fallout is really coming?

No one knows whether Fallout 4 will really be coming this year.

However, all signs point toward the positive, since Bethesda won?t be hosting that E3 event without at least information about the status of Fallout 4. We should expect?with light expectations at that?that Bethesda would say something about the 4th game in the Fallout series.


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