Fallout 4 Features You Didn?t Know You Can Do: Companions Equipping Power Armor, Knowing How Hidden You Are, And More

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There are a lot of Fallout 4 features available at your disposal in exploring the large open-world of post-apocalyptic Boston. But because of the breadth of content in the game, but there are a lot of Fallout 4 features that aren?t disclosed to players. Here?s some Fallout 4 features that you probably don?t know you can do.

Fallout 4 Features: Companions Wearing Power Armor

Using Power Armors in the game offers you a huge damage resistance stats to help you hold out against fighting against powerful opponents. Your human companions can also equip your Power Armor and they won?t waste fusion cores when they?re operating it. Just talk to your companion > look at your power armor > then tell them to equip the Power Armor.

Hidden Detection System

Crouching and having the ?[HIDDEN]? sign appear on-screen means that enemies are unaware of your presence. But that isn?t all. How far the brackets are from the word ?HIDDEN? indicates how hidden your character is, Kotaku reported. If the brackets are nearly enclosing the word ?HIDDEN?, it means that you?re near from being spotted by others.

Removing Duds And Replenishing Attempts

Hacking terminals can be quite difficult to successfully pull-off especially as the game does a poor job of explaining how to do it. In hacking terminals, you have to find the right code within 4 attempts. But you can actually replenish those 4 attempts and even remove dud codes. To know how to do that, you can check our terminal hacking guide here.

Holster Weapons

Do you want to enjoy the scenery of the game without seeing your weapon and the huge reticle at the middle of the screen? Do you want to make your conversations look more civilized? Just hold the reload button and your character will holster his/her weapon.

Change Pip Boy Color

You can change the color of your Pip-Boy interface and your Hud. Doing this will also change the nasty bright green-colored flashlight of your Pip-Boy (you can activate the flashlight by holding the Pip-boy menu button). To change the color, just go to the pause menu > display > then move the sliders for the Pip-Boy Color and HUD color to achieve your preferred hues. (Hat Tip The Guardian)

You can change the color of your Pip-Boy by moving the sliders.

You can change the color of your Pip-Boy by moving the sliders.

Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also check our Fallout 4 tips on overcoming carry weight problems and how to find your missing companions. [Update: We now have a part II for this article]

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