Fallout 4 Features You Didn?t Know You Can Do: Be Faster Using VATS, Underwater Exploration, And More

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There are a lot of Fallout 4 features that aren?t thoroughly explained in the game such as how to power electricity in settlements. But this lack of disclosure actually makes the game feel satisfying whenever you stumble upon something new you can do. Here are all the Fallout 4 Features you probably didn?t know you can do.

Fallout 4 Features: Be Faster Using V.A.T.S.

Are you frustrated whenever you use the V.A.T.S. because of the few seconds delay after firing your last attack? Well you can immediately abort your attack after the animation of your last attack. Just press the button used to open the Pip-Boy to abort your attack in V.A.T.S.

Underwater Exploration

Oceans in Fallout 4 aren?t just empty space-fillers in the map.?A Reddit user has?discovered structures under the sea. A?terminal log was even found recently that reveals planned experiments underwater.

The Beauty Of Walking

Travelling back to places you?ve already been to has its benefits because item containers actually gets refilled over time and you might even stumble upon some places you haven?t seen yet. Some enemies also spawn in the area enabling you to get EXP.

But this isn?t all. Players can talk to their companions and dismiss them, but have you ever wondered what happens after you tell them to travel alone elsewhere? In the video below by GamesRadar, you can see how Dogmeat travels as he walks back to Sanctuary.

Decorate Settlements With Items

Don?t be limited with the items you can place using the Workshop to decorate your settlements. You can use all the junk you collected in the game to decorate your home.


Not having the real life Pip-Boy in the collector?s edition of Fallout 4 doesn?t mean you can?t use the companion app. The companion app is a nifty tool for you in traversing the wasteland because you can access all the items in the Pip-Boy menu using your mobile device.

You can use the companion app to dress-up your character, use stimpacks, see the map, and check your quest objectives. You can even play the Pip-Boy minigames using your mobile device?s touch screen. Better yet, you can play all your mini-games even if you?re offline.

You can check our part 1 and part 2 for more Fallout 4 features you probably don’t know yet. Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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