Fallout 4 Exploit: Infinite Bottle Caps Glitch Costs Ammo, Here’s How To Avoid It

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The initial Fallout 4 infinite bottle caps exploit allowed players to farm for money easily by selling phantom rounds to vendors. But this Fallout 4 exploit actually has a trade-off as it depletes your own ammunition. A workaround for this exploit has now been found.

Fallout 4 Exploit

Players must first look for a vendor whom they want to trade with. The infinite bottle caps exploit does not work with all vendors so just try it with several vendors to see which one the glitch will work on. Here?s the steps on how to use the new infinite bottle caps exploit without losing ammunition courtesy of Tweak Town:

  • Look for a vendor who sells ammo
  • Drop all the ammo you want to glitch
  • Pick an ammo type
  • Buy all the bullets of your desired ammo type
  • Sell 1 ammo back
  • You can now infinitely sell the ammo type you bought from the vendor

The workaround in the exploit is to actually just drop all the ammo type you want to glitch. To make the most out of this exploit, you can pass the time by waiting at a chair for 24 hours so all the items and bottle caps of the vendors will replenish, Tweak Town said.

Vendors also have shipments of materials which are primarily used for your settlement so be sure to purchase them from vendors if you?re planning on making an awesome home. These items are usually expensive so this exploit will surely help you on being able to purchase all the items you need. This exploit is also useful for purchasing some of the best weapons in the game like the overpowered Overseer?s Guardian in Vault 81.

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Sources: TweakTown via Gamingbolt

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