Fallout 4 Easter Eggs: Where To Find Toy Story Monkey, Aliens Reference, And More Cool Things In The Wasteland

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You can find a lot of Fallout 4 Easter Eggs in the post- apocalyptic wasteland as long as you keep your ears and your eyes peeled in every nooks and crannies of the game?s world. Some Easter eggs are even disguised as junk and you?ll only notice how important the item is until you inspect it. From the creepy Toy Story 3 monkey to the Alien Reference, here are some of the cool Fallout 4 Easter eggs you should find.

Toy Story 3 Monkey

The monkey from Toy Story 3 that creepily clashes his symbals can be found inside the Corvega Assembly Plant. If you don?t know where it is, the location of the place will appear on your map after you bring Preston Garvey and his people to the sanctuary. Garvey will then ask you to help some settlers, fulfill his wishes and talk to the settlers to make the Corvega Assembly Plant appear on your map.

Christmas In Diamond City

Did you know that there?s a date and time indicator in the bottom left corner of your Pip-Boy? Just wait for it to reach 12.25.2287 then fast travel to Diamond City to find the place filled with Christmas decors, Polygon reported. You can see how the place will look like on December 25 in Polygon?s video below.

Halloween In Diamond City

Christmas isn?t the only holiday that Diamond City celebrates. Just fast travel to Diamond City again during Halloween to see the place filled with pumpkins and other decors. Here?s Polygon?s photo of what the place looks like.



The post-apocalyptic wasteland recreates the death scene from Jaws. Instead of just a regular shark, the beast has been mutated. According to Tech Times, you can find the Jaws movie Easter egg northwest of Diamond City.

Aliens USCSS Nostromo

Take a close inspection of the junk you collect in the game as you might have thrown a Flux Sensor which has a well-hidden Alien reference in the game. 1Times found a Flux Sensor that upon close inspection, has the numbers CM-88B 180924609 which is a registration number of the USCSS Nostromo from Alien. You can check what the Flux Sensor looks like and where it is on the map on Imgur.

Fallout 4 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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