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Fallout 4 Early Launch: Is it Real?

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Fallout 4 has gotten to be a part of history earlier than it ought to, simply because there are a huge number of hoax material that has come out on it, particularly last year. Aside from the daily Fallout release hoax that internet articles spawns at an almost daily rate, there?s also the hoax website?Survivor 2299?which spawned the prevailing rumor frequently used by websites?that Fallout 4 will have Boston as its setting.

It also comes with the plot of robots against really cruel humans, mind you.

However, what we?re going to focus on here is the authenticity of a report by user MrMattyPlays, a Youtuber who has speculated on a thing. As per IB Times India, he thinks that PAX 2015 will be of significance for Fallout? fans. This would be because of an announcement that?s going to happen. Still, how true would this turn out to be? Another article, this one from Crossmap, presents another likely theory?Fallout 4 will be announced at E3 2015, and the Early Launch is as real as Sasquatch is.

The PAX South 2015 Theory

MrMattyPlays might have reason behind why he said Fallout 4 might arrive at PAX 2015.

As per IB Times, Bethesda is a company that loves to surprise the fans of its games. It will be a very pleasant surprise if MrMatty?s scoop is true after all, given that many have tried?and failed?to give a definite date or place to the announcement of this game. All this without even a proper source, or one that is not as questionable as citing an unnamed representative of the company or something such as that.

If it does indeed turn out to be true, then it?s a happy day for all fans of the post-apocalyptic game. However, so far, Bethesda has refused to comment nor announce anything, so we?d rather take Bethesda?s word for it.

The E3 2015 Theory

The E3 2015 has, so far, been a venue of announcements and big reveals in the past.

This one, courtesy of Cross Map, comes with an unofficial source. Bedameister, a Twitter user, reportedly asked Kotaku?s Jason Schreier about it. The response was that in the succeeding months, an announcement was to come. However, Schreier doesn?t represent Bethesda, so I?d rather wait for Bethesda themselves on an announcement about the game. Still, this is the closest thing there is to an actual reveal, aside from the other rumors coming from industry insiders about the game.

What makes it all a likely rumour, however, is the absence of a source yet again. You can?t go around saying this and that without proof to back it up. However, Jason Schreier won?t likely jump the gun before Bethesda does?it?s not his game to say when it comes out, after all.

The End Game

So when is the game really coming?

One thing is for certain: Bethesda is clearly going to make something happen and it will be soon. How soon, no one knows, and we might have to wait for Bethesda?s moves before the new reels and mills start rolling again. Right now, the only mills running Fallout 4?s name are the rumor mills and such.


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