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Fallout 4: E3 2015 Supplying the Hype plus PAX East News

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Bethesda’s an expert in surprise announcements, it seems [Fallout|BethSoft]

The year?s only just begun and Bethesda?s rumor mill is already playing a game of will they or won?t they.

Bethesda surely didn?t mean for this to turn out like this, but it?s already in full swing, and as it looks like, Bethesda can?t do anything about it except to dispel the different rumors, which can range from subtle to outrageous. Rumors can range from the possible location of the game to when the game will release?the latter being dubious obviously, for the sheer reason that Bethesda themselves haven?t really announced anything of substance just yet and already, they?re saying this date and that is the day to look out for.

That?s what we?re taking a look at?the rumors that point to Bethesda doing anything significant concerning the Fallout 4 series. We don?t even know whether they?re working on it, but hey, don?t let that stop the discussions. We take a look at this Forbes article which plays with the idea of an E3 announcement for Bethesda. At the same time, we take a look at this Game Ranx article which says something about a PAX East situation.

E3 2015 the Event for Fallout 4?

Two possible events have already been thrust into the spotlight for Fallout 4: PAX East and GDC 2015. However, with Pete Hines having said that he won?t be making an appearance at the GDC this year, the focus shifted over to PAX East.

However, as per Forbes, the other event on gamers? radars should be the annual E3. This year is reportedly to be big for Bethesda, with the rumor mill pointing to the event as the big one for Fallout 4. It made sense for the rumor-mongers, seeing as last year was too soon for Bethesda to reveal anything; this year is different. What?s more, a lot of the industry is seen yearly in this event, as per Forbes. Names like Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft has used the event as a launching pad for their various games.

Will this year be the year when all of us watched Fallout 4 drops the bomb? It might be, it might be not. Nothing?s for sure until Bethesda breaks their silence.

Pete Hines plays the Denial Game

Another figure that?s found himself on the limelight is Pete Hines.

He must be getting tired at this point, since he?s the frequent subject of YouTube conspiracist MrMattyPlays. Whether there?s any truth to his announcements or not, as per GameRanx he is quoted with the news that Pete Hines tweeted he wasn?t sure to make PAX East. If he doesn?t, that?s another rumor that just fizzled out. However, the Game Ranx article seems to not give up on the fact that he may yet make it to the annual event.

Bethesda, however, has been known to make surprise announcements in the past. Will this year be any different? Knowing Bethesda, they might be deliberately withholding information, but we can?t say for sure.

Another Round of Waiting

The waiting for Fallout 4 has begun for another year, and as it appears, people haven?t grown tired of waiting for it; at least some, if not all. Fallout 4?s grown into something of a classic game that people will really wait for an announcement or grab any news?hoax or otherwise?just to get a peep of where Fallout 4?s development is currently at.


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