Fallout 4 : Taking a Page out of Skyrim

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Bethesda must be having their hands full these days.

Since the announcement of Fallout 4 came out, a lot of people are expecting something fantastic from Bethesda. There have been discussions of new locations such as Boston or even NYC. There had been discussions of new factions and robotic servants. Perhaps the more intriguing question that had been asked was about the gameplay?everyone knows how buggy the previous Fallout games were, and how bland the morality part of it is. A lot of players are hoping that isn?t the case this time around.

That is one scenario this Movie Pilot article suggested. With Fallout 4 all but confirmed or, at least, officially a truth, will Bethesda be taking a cue from some of their other games? While Skyrim may not be an Oblivion or a Morrowind, perhaps they could take a few good points from the game and incorporate it into Fallout 4 if it comes. Also, here?s a look at this Game Ranx update about a lighter subject?an awesome NCR Ranger cosplay which appeared some time ago on Reddit.

Skyrim Provides Templates

Skyrim was a game which provided a nice backdrop for the succeeding Bethesda game. It was considered something different, and it gave players something to definitely think about.

Skyrim had a system in place, as per Movie Pilot, which enabled the player to do more in-game. Skyrim?s larger world will most certainly make for a more entertaining gameplay experience for Fallout 4. Also, transport is another issue, as Movie Pilot rightfully pointed out. Skyrim had horses; Fallout 4 might have the help of cars, but a quest for those cars would most certainly be welcome. As Skyrim had them, Fallout 4 could use the help of empty bunkers or at least buildings which the Wanderer could re-build or use.

While these exist in the form of mods for either New Vegas and FO3, seeing them on Fallout 4 is a welcome development and certainly a nice one.

Fantastic Fallout 4 Cosplay

Fallout 4?s release notwithstanding, fans are keeping themselves occupied in a variety of ways for Fallout 4.

The Redditor, Abby Lusk, who posted the pictures on Reddit, certainly had a level of dedication not seen on any fan of Fallout. The image was one of an NCR trooper, one who certainly appeared to have kept some armor from the old times. The NCR trooper was wearing an old LAPD riot gear, which was rumored to have been the gear which NCR troopers had refurbished for their own purposes. You can look at it here.

There is any number of activities Fallout fans could do to get themselves ready for the arrival of Fallout 4, but this one certainly takes the cake; a level of dedication which should put even the most hardcore fans to shame.

Fallout 4 is Coming

Perhaps Bethesda is playing their cards right by choosing not to reveal Fallout 4 until the last moment. Either way, as we get nearer to the E3 2015, the clamor for Fallout 4 will only grow more and more until we see if we are indeed getting the game, or we get an update on how it?s been doing.


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