Fallout 4 Dev: Three Games We Wish Bethesda Is Working On

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One of the best known game developers out there is Bethesda. The studio is responsible for several great titles including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dishonored, and its latest entry, Fallout 4. Recently, Bethesda?s Todd Howard revealed at DICE that they are working on three big projects that are different from what they have created before.

Howard teased only a few details on the upcoming projects, but he did say that the games are still ?Bethesda-style.? He explained that the game will be big and crazy like the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series but it is still different. With Bethesda?s impressive resume, fans are excited with what the developer has in store for them. Below are some of the games that we wish Bethesda will work on.

Something Sci-Fi

When Bethesda launched Dishonored, fans were surprised with how the game played out. It was a very successful game, and it showed how Bethesda would do with something more action-packed as compared with Fallout or Elder Scrolls titles. It would be very exciting if Bethesda will create a new title that?s as action-packed as Dishonored but is set in a sci-fi world. It?ll be like the same old Corvo but with access to more high-tech tools like laser guns and deadlier traps.

A Horror Game

Although the lore of Fallout and Elder Scrolls are not geared to scare players, Bethesda has shown promise when it comes to horror games. In Fallout 4, some players probably kept their lights on during their playthrough of Dunwich Borers and the Museum of Witchcraft. Those were short segments of the game, but they were still scary nonetheless. Bethesda should work on a horror title similar to P.T. or Outlast, as they have proven themselves to be experts when it comes to setting the mood.

A Solid Survival Experience

Bethesda?s crafting and building system in Fallout 4 was some of the best of its kind. If Bethesda managed to use these mechanics and combine it with a game featuring thirst, hunger and fatigue bars, they could come up with a very good survival game. It could rival other games in the genre like ARK: Survival Evolved and even Minecraft.

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