Fallout 4 Companions Guide: Where and How To Get Buddies Who Helps You In Combat And Spice Your Romantic Life

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Do you remember Dogmeat in the Fallout 4 trailers? There?s more companions other than that furry dog and they can help you combat foes in the game. Don?t worry about them getting killed because they are impervious to permanent deaths.

Having your buddy tag along with you is not a one-way-street. You can romance some of your Fallout 4?companions, and just like in real life, you can have multiple romance partners. You can see what happens when you romance your companion in the video below by Eurogamer, be wary however of spoilers.

Having companions doesn?t only help you in fending-off foes as they also help you obtain special perks which can only be attained by befriending companions. Not all companions can be found in the main mission of the game. Below are all the Fallout 4 companions and where they can be located courtesy of Twinfinite.

Dogmeat: This dog can be found upon exiting Vault 111. You can see him at the Red Rocket gas station before going to the museum or while going back to Sanctuary Hills with Preston Garvey and his folks.

Codsworth: This Mister Handy Robot can be found inside your house in Sanctuary Hills.

Piper: This female can be found in Diamond City.

Nick Valentine: This private eye Synth can be found in Vault 114.

Paladin Danse: This Synth who is a Brotherhood of Steel member can be recruited after you help clear the Cambridge Police Station in Boston.

Deacon: This male human can be recruited in the Railroad HQ in the Old North Church.

Cait: This female human can be found in the Combat Zone in Boston after you clear the area of Raiders.

John Hancock: This male ghoul can be recruited in Goodneighbor at Scollay Square.

MacCready: The male human can be found in Goodneighber and can be recruited after you complete the ?Long Road Ahead? quest.

Strong: This Super Mutant can be recruited during the ?Curtain Call? quest.

Preston Garvey: This male human can be found in Cordon during the ?When Freedom Calls? quest.

Curie: This Mrs. Handy Robot can be found in Vault 81.

X6-88: This Synth Man can be obtained as you progress in the main mission after as you get to The Institute.

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