Fallout 4 Combat Sentry Prototype MKIV: Is It Part Of A Quest? Where To Find And How To Use It

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Is the Combat Sentry Prototype MKIV in the Robotics Disposal Ground part of a quest in Fallout 4? The Combat Sentry Prototype is a strong robot that can either be your foe or ally depending on how you treat it. Using the terminal inside a shack near the area will reveal that the sentry has been dumped in the area by ?some weird guys dressed in all black?. So what is the sentry?s significance in the game?

Fallout 4 Combat Sentry Prototype MKIV

Many are wondering if the combat sentry is part of a main mission in the game. Looking at the terminal nearby the Robotics Disposal Ground reveals that the sentry bot drove itself to the Robotics Disposal Ground before shutting down.

The terminal log reveals that the Sentry Bot was accompanied by a group of guys dressed in black. The guys threw the Combat Sentry Prototype MKIV Holotape inside a trunk, the log said.

The sentry bot has been junked in a place filled with broken bots and eyeless eye-bots.

The sentry bot has been junked in a place filled with broken bots and eyeless eye-bots.

It has yet to be known if the sentry bot is some sort of Easter Egg or if it serves as an important role in the many quests in the game. The Prototype Sentry Bot has a variety of uses such as using it to patrol nearby areas to easily lay waste to irradiated hostile creatures and raiders.

A gamer on GameFaqs said there is a bug that makes the sentry bot to follow you wherever you go. You can also use console commands to make it your companion.

Where To Find

The Robotics Disposal Ground can be found northeast of Sancutary. If you?re having difficulty in finding the Robotics Disposal Ground, you can check our map screenshot below. You can travel to the area even if you?re still starting early in the game as you won?t encounter tough creatures in travelling there.


How To Use

You can find the sentry?s holotape inside a building near the area. You can load the holotape using the terminal or your Pip-Boy. You can make the sentry activate/de-activate, Engage Defense Protocol, or self-destruct using the holotape.

Activating the sentry bot for the first time will cause several mole rats to spawn and you?ll see the sentry bot easy dispose of those nasty radiated creatures. The sentry bot will not be hostile towards you unless you attack it.

Engaging the defense protocol will allow you to send it to patrol four different areas: Revere Satellite Array, South Boston Checkpoint, Fort Hagan, and USAF Olivia. When activated, it will walk slowly to its destination and kill any hostile enemies along the way. Take note that the sentry bot will note act like a companion as it will merely patrol the area.

If you aren?t worried that the sentry bot might possibly have an important side quest in the game, you can make it self-destruct to easily obtain its loot. Be careful when making it self-destruct as its blast radius is fairly large and it may kill you. Here are the following items you can loot from the prototype sentry bot:

  • Fusion Core (2)
  • 56 Round (40)
  • Military-Grade Circuit Board
  • Biometric Scanner
  • Enhanced Targeting Card (2)
  • Aluminum (6)

So what do you think about the Combat Sentry Prototype MKIV? Hat Tip to IB Times and iDigital Times for reminding me about the existence of this sentry bot. Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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