Fallout 4 Cheats: Infinite Bottle Caps Exploit, Change Your Gender, And More

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Cheat codes in video games aren?t as common as before, hence, many console gamers have resorted to finding exploits in the game? and luckily for Fallout 4 players, there are a number of exploits in the game. Here?s how to?do the Fallout 4 infinite bottle caps exploit regardless of the console you own:

  • Look for a vendor who sells ammo
  • Pick an ammo type
  • Buy all the bullets of your desired ammo type
  • Sell 1 ammo back
  • You are now able to infinitely sell the ammo type you bought from the vendor.

According to GameSpot, this exploit does not work with all vendors in the game. Just try it with several vendors in the game to see which one the glitch will work on. If you?re still having difficulty in understanding how to do this exploit, you can watch Kotaku?s guide below:

PC Cheats

There?s a lot of Fallout 4 cheat codes available in the PC version of the game. There?s also a cheat code for hacking all terminals in the game. You can active cheats by pressing first the ~ button, the one underneath the Esc button on the keyboard.? Here?s some of the cheat codes available courtesy of Gamingbolt:

  • tai: Turns off all AI in the game, causing them to stand still and not do anything.
  • teai: Disables combat AI.?
  • tel: You can now walk through walls or on air as this cheat code removes collisions.
  • killall: All enemies near your area will die. Important characters and companions will only become injured.
  • caqs: Completes the main game?s entire quest (probably useful if you?re going for a second playthrough).
  • player.modav [skill] [number]: Boost your desired skill to the corresponding number you put.
  • Player.setlevel [insert number]: Boost your character?s level to the corresponding number you put.
  • tdetect: Other AIs will no longer detect you.
  • coc qasmoke: Get every single item in the game. Entering this cheat code will teleport you to a room filled with boxes that contains all items available in the game.
  • sexchange: Change your gender

Fallout 4 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you haven?t obtained the Cyrolator weapon located inside the overseer?s room in Vault 111, you can check our guide here to easily obtain the item.

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