Fallout 4 Charles View Amphitheater Cult: Are There Related Quests? Should You Join The Pillars Of The Community? How To Get To Level 2?

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Should you join the Pillars of The Community cult in Fallout 4 Charles View Amphitheater? Are there quests and missions linked to this group? Is there a way to reach their level two?

Fallout 4 Charles View Amphitheater Cult Has A Related Quest (Spoilers)

Charles View Amphitheater can be found southeast of Cambridge Police Station or North of HalluciGen Inc. You will be greeted by Brother Thomas upon entering the area and he will persuade you to join their cult called ?The Pillars of The Community?. But there is actually a related quest to this place so it would be better for you not to cause a ruckus to this fake cult.

According to IGN, the quest ?Emogene Takes a Lover? tasks players to find a woman named Emogene. She can be found at the back room of Brother Thomas? office. Players can convince Brother Thomas to open his back room to see Emogene.

A Real Cult?

The Pillars of The Community is merely a group of people led by Brother Thomas to rob people of their possessions. Conversing with Thomas once you entered his office will reveal his true intentions and refusing or threatening him will cause all of his followers to be hostile. (You can see how it goes in the video below by YouTuber user 3six Gaming)

If you joined their cult and you want to regain all of your possessions, you?ll have to murder Thomas to loot back all of your items. If you don?t want to join the cult without murdering Thomas, you can drop all your items first before joining the cult. Take note however that you?ll still lose your bottlecaps and important items because they cannot be dropped in the game.

I tried to drop all my items inside the room so Brother Thomas couldn't get any precious items from me. He didn't remark about it though.

I tried to drop all my items inside the room so Brother Thomas couldn’t get any precious items from me. He didn’t remark about it though.

What do you think about this Fallout 4 cult? Feel free to share in the comments below if you know more about this cult. Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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