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Fallout 4: Bethesda Announcement in E3 or none at all?

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Like weeds in a field, rumors and speculative discussions about Fallout 4 won?t just die down. There are a lot of them, mind you, and some of them are trying to make a claim for when the game will come out or at least announce its existence. Some of the ?news? have even tried to make themselves undisputed sources of information about when the game will be releasing and appearing for fans to play.

However, of course, we must always trust in Bethesda, who appears to finally be making its presence felt.

As per 411mania?s discussion, there seems to be something behind Bethesda?s confirmation of an E3 appearance. That might be Fallout 4; then again, it might not be. However, speculation suggests that Bethesda will at least give a definite answer as to the status of Fallout 4 in the E3 showing. This leads us to this What Culture article which shows us some more Fallout 4 goodness?what would the new game benefit from?

E3 Speculations

There are a lot of things that the E3 appearance of Bethesda have spawned.

Most notable of these is the fact that they could be making an announcement aside from showing the status of Doom and other games they are developing. Some signs say it would be Elder Scrolls, but it seems more logical to point to Fallout 4 being the game that they would be revealing, as per 411 Mania. It also seems possible that it?s going to be more of an announcement as to the status of the game rather than an announcement of the launch of the game, but who knows?

So it appears that 2015 is the year when we finally hear something about Fallout 4 and its status. That should also silence all other news about Fallout 4, a game which had been discussed as being about to release this year or 2016, depending on whose ?news? you manage to read.

Fallout 4 could stand a few of these

Announcements and confirmations such as the ones Bethesda has made so far has spawned more discussions about what the game will look like.

It?s safe to assume that there will be a lot of improvements in terms of gameplay and graphics, as what the What Culture article suggests. There might be a lot of characters in addition to those who might make a return in this game, and the world might go to some unexplored place rather than re-visit a location that?s already served its purpose. It seems believable to assume, however, that Bethesda?or whoever developed the game?will be using a different graphics engine other than the out-dated one the game has been using.

A lot of things could still change for Fallout 4 between now and the time Bethesda hosts the E3. However, it would be a long and agonizing wait, one that started since the hoax website for Fallout 4 came out sometime in the previous years.

Fallout 4 is coming?right?

No one knows for certain, though, if Bethesda will really reveal Fallout 4 in their E3. However, speculation suggests that they won?t host their own show at the E3 only to reveal how they?ve been doing with Doom so far. Let?s keep our fingers crossed and trust that Bethesda will finally reveal something that their fans have long been waiting for at the E3


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