FallOut 4 Announcement Highly Anticipated

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Bethesda has always been a favorite in the game development world, with all the exceptional releases that they have made. There?s no question that the FallOut series is one of them. So after the successful launch and welcoming of the 3rd installment, many have become extremely excited after thinking that news about the release of FallOut 4 will be shared during the most recent Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Unfortunately, there was none. Fans and lovers of the game series came home utterly disappointed, especially those who expected that a trailer, at the very least, will be shown.

Since there haven?t been any news from Bethesda yet, rumor mills are now working doubly hard to gather any piece of information about the game?s release date and anything else they can come up with.

Now, the people of the gaming world are pointing to?Gamescon 2014, which will take place in Germany. They?re hoping that the game developer will be unleashing the 4th installment in this event, especially after it was revealed that Bethesda will be part of the annual gathering.

In addition to Gamescon 2014, many observers are also saying that the unveiling of FallOut 4 may just take place in the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held in Chiba, Japan, specifically in Mihama-ku. The 4-day affair is set to happen from September 18 till 21. The public can attend the event?s last two days.

Quite some time has passed since ?FallOut 3, a game that has been described by the prestigious Forbes as ?the best sandbox video gaming experience?, was released. Six years have already passed. There?s no wonder why gamers and lovers of the series are all eager?for any information about the release of FallOut 4. ?Hopefully though, it will take place in either of the two largest conventions that will be happening this year. ?

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