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Fallout 4: All Signs point to E3 2015?

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The long trek towards the eventual announcement of a Fallout 4 game has officially begun.

It might?ve been too soon, but it was actually begun by the same suspects who made the march last year?the ?news? websites who are harping on and on about the Bethesda announcements that never happened, or the release dates whose sources are from some Middle-eastern chronicle or perhaps a crystal ball. However, we never do know if somehow, one of those dates came true. That would shock us, including perhaps the agency that spawned the idea in the first place.

We take a look at some articles, then, that could shed some light on the discussions about Fallout 4 and the lack or presence thereof. Here we have a Tech Times which clings onto the hope that this E3 will be eventful. With Bethesda seemingly making an appearance at E3, will they be showing something? Also, we take a look at another article from Polygon which explores the legal action Bethesda recently took against a gamer who designed a game called Fortress Fallout.

The E3 Announcement is going to happen?

At the very least, this appears to have a substantial source behind it.

This blog post, which appeared on the Bethesda blog site and also the Tech Times article, does have the makings of a surprising announcement. Will there be something Bethesda is planning to reveal? The Tech Times article does enumerate three games which Bethesda might be revealing about?Elder Scrolls Online, which has since gone free-to-play, the next in the Doom franchise, and a free-to-play brawler called Battlecry. The revelation of these three makes for a very underwhelming E3 from Bethesda.

Perhaps the signs are pointing towards an announcement of how Fallout 4 is happening. It makes sense for Fallout 4 to finally appear, since we?re some years removed from Skyrim. A Fallout 4 release would fit right into Bethesda?s personal chronological scheme.

Fortress Fallout not okay with Bethesda

As if the E3 possibility wasn?t enough, here comes some more news.

In a move to safeguard the Fallout name, Bethesda cracked down hard on an indie game maker?Jordan Maron, aka Captain Sparklez?based on the usage of the name Fallout. As per Polygon, Maron is the creator of a game with the title of Fortress Fallout. What?s curious is that the name of the game is Fortress Fallout and gameplay is vastly different from the popular Fallout franchise; however, Bethesda will not budge from their legal action.

Could this be a sign that they are paving the way for a Fallout 4 appearance? If so, then that would put to ease the thousands of waiting fans who are anxious for even a little news about their favorite game.

Bethesda covering their bases

Why did Bethesda go defensive all of a sudden? Perhaps it?s got something to do with the Fallout name; perhaps they just wanted to safeguard their assets. Whatever the case, the fact that this has got something to do with Fallout might mean that Fallout 4 might be coming sooner than we all think it would?let?s keep our eyes peeled for more of Bethesda?s official announcements.


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