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Fallout 4: A Sneak Peek at the Future

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Since Bethesda announced that they would host an event at the E3 2015, all hell has broken loose.

The discussion about Fallout 4?s forthcoming presence looming all over the Fallout franchise has gotten into a hyped frenzy, with this article and that claiming that the certainty of Fallout 4 arriving in the form of an announcement is already a certainty. It?s not their fault, though; with information being withheld for so long, Bethesda?s announcement that they would have an event at the E3 2015 is the closest we are to an actual word about the status of Fallout 4.

Allow us to give you a tour of two speculative articles once again. Fallout 4?the game everyone is thinking will be arriving at the E3 2015?is still making some noise, this time in the form of Gamer Center Online?s article stating that there would indeed be an announcement about Fallout 4 and that it is headed towards current-gen machines. Also, we take another look at Kotaku?s article?Many a True Nerd?s part in keeping the hype machine running with his playthroughs of Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout 4 goes Modern

The latest rage in computer games is high-definition games, and it appears Fallout 4 is going a step further.

In what is seen as a bid to become relevant and ride with the times, undisclosed sources from the Gamer Center Online article have said that Fallout 4 will be arriving in a package that?s different from last time. Like it?s a play on the ?4? in the title, Fallout 4?as the source said?will be arriving on the PS4 and the Xbox One, and not on the PS3 and Xbox 360, last-gen gaming consoles. It appears that this will also be revealed in its entirety in the upcoming CES 2015.

While it does appear that this is where gaming is headed, what will we expect from Fallout 4 further? 4k-screens? A graphic that demands the beefiest of VGU cards? We will find out perhaps as E3 2015 nears.

Many a True Nerd?s Part

Many a True Nerd, the player who has uploaded videos on YouTube of him playing different challenges is up for more.

As per Kotaku, player Many a True Nerd has tried playing on one single healthbar. Another player accepted the challenge and played without killing a single soul. This time, however, perhaps to entertain himself and the loyal fanbase of Fallout who are waiting for the newest game in the series, he decides to play the game again?with the healthbar he had prior to DLCs, and decides to start down the path one again, playing Honest Hearts on that lifebar.

That is a noble undertaking. But admittedly, he can only go so far with the lifebar that he has, since Kotaku pointed out even minor scratches can be a bitch if they eventually add up. Still, this is some skill that player Many a True Nerd is displaying.

Fallout 4?as it nears

Done with another discussion on the fourth installment of a game that?s steadily picking up speed in the hype department, but what should we expect further? While the hype builds up, we should see some more announcements from Bethesda, as per their official blog. Still, as it looks like, the E3 2015 will be a can?t-miss affair for the many fans of the Fallout franchise.


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