Fall Out Boy Was Epic At Country Music Awards, Watch Their Performance Here

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It was an unlikely combination but epic nonetheless.

Rock band Fall Out Boy performed at the recent Country Music Awards and teamed up with country singer Thomas Rhett for a rock-country mash-up.

Lead singer and guitarist Patrick Stump, guitarist Joe Trohman, drummer Andy Hurley and bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz took to the CMA stage with Rhett for a genre-bending performance.

First up was Rhett?s ?Crash and Burn?, a song taken from his second album called ?Tangled Up.?

“‘Crash’ is the hardest song I’ve ever sang in my whole life. It’s the lowest in my vocal register and the highest in my register, all within 15 seconds,” Rhett told Rolling Stone.

FOB lead vocalist Patrick Stump sang the song with Rhett effortlessly and some fans commented on how his voice sounds good no matter what genre of music he plays.
Next was the band?s track called ?Uma Thurman?, which Rhett sang in his lower register to complement Stump?s powerful vocals. The band?s video for the song recently won at the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Rock Video.

Known for their mean songwriting skills and rousing rhythms and award-winning hits such as ?Sugar, We?re Going Down?, ?Thnks fr th Mmrs? and ?Dance, Dance?, the band?s sixth studio album ?called ?American Beauty/American Psycho??debuted at No. 1 on the US?Billboard?200.

In other news, Stump will be lending his musical stylings to the animated comedy musical ?Charming? along with five-time Grammy nominee Sia according to The Hollywood Reporter. Charming?is a story about three princesses who discover that Prince Charming is engaged to all of them at the same time.

Sia has written two songs for the film and is set to perform one of them called “Balladino,” while the other, called “Magical,” will be sung by Demi Lovato, the film’s lead?and executive producer of the movie soundtrack.

Stump will write and co-produce the song “Trophy Boy,” which will be performed by co-stars?Avril Lavigne,?Ashley Tisdale?and G.E.M.

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