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Fake Pokemon Go App Fools People; Comes With Virus, Malware

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Experts have warned games about a fake Pokemon Go app has been going around. The malicious application has allowed hackers to gain access to phones of eager players, thus infecting their devices with viruses and malwares.

Insiders detected a Pokemon Go APK that has the DroidJack remote access kit on VirusTotal, a repository for malware and compromised apps. Because of this, experts reminded those who have installed the fake Pokemon Go app of the consequences in patronizing third-party sources.

They explained that officially vetted and sanctioned app stores have procedures and algorithms for screening the security of mobile applications. On the other hand, side-loading apps from unofficial sources exposes users and their gadgets to numerous malwares.

Aside from the release of a malicious Pokemon Go app, the game has been experiencing problems with its server since it was released last week. This has delayed the game?s international release in several territories.

Pokemon Go

Niantic CEO John Hanke has guaranteed players that they are working double time to resolve all the game?s issues. ?Thank you for your patience. We have been working to fix the server issues. We will continue rolling out Pokemon GO to new countries soon,? reps said via the official Pokemon Go Twitter page.

The highly anticipated game began experiencing problems just hours after its official launch after an APK leak caused players to experience access and connection problems. While server issues were likely due to the APK leak, some reports have pointed out that even gamers in official areas were not able to access Pokemon Go.

Other reported problems with Pokemon Go included issues with high battery consumption, location inaccuracy, poor audio and many more. There are gamers who have also been unable to download Pokemon Go due to compatibility problems with certain Android and iOS devices.

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There are also rumors of Pokemon Go cheats, which include tactics on how to access Pokecoins, Pokeballs, and other game resources for free.

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