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Fairy Tail 476 Spoiler: Wendy Defeats Dimaria?

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Two days before its release, there are already speculations as to how the Fairy Tale 476 storyline would go. In the previous chapter, Wendy and Chelia were battling Dimaria while their friend Carla was dying after receiving a powerful blow from their foe. So, in the upcoming chapter, can the two magical girls finally defeat Dimaria?

The upcoming chapter of the anime is titled Bid Farewell to the Magical Girl, which will generally make the fans speculate that either Wendy or Chelia will lose their magical power. In a report from Ecumenical News, there is a prediction that Wendy will rediscover her dragon force in the middle of their fight against Dimaria. Although it was just a fan-based prediction, still, it will be interesting if that will really be the scenario in the upcoming episode. But, how will that be possible?

It can be recalled that Wendy and Chelia were facing the powerful Dimaria, who eventually revealed her true identity as Chronos, the Goddess of Time. Chronos then released a powerful attack towards the magical girls but Carla pushed away Wendy and received the blow instead. Because of the heroic move, Carla?s life is now in danger and in order to save her, Ultear had to remove her from the time freeze but that would not be enough.

Knowing that the current situation of the two girls against Chronos might end up badly for the heroes, Ultear suggested to use his time magic to enable the two girls to activate their third origin or the power of the future. But, if they do so, they might be able to defeat their enemy and save Carla but there is also a possibility of them losing their magical powers for the rest of their lives, said the previous report.

Now, there are speculations that if Wendy would take the offer, she will release a power dragon force that would stand a chance of defeating Chronos. However, there is also another speculation that Wendy will not take the offer but Chelia will and the latter would be the one to go up against the Goddess of Time while the former will heal Carla by using her remaining powers.

As of now, there is still no clear synopsis for the upcoming episode but with these story-based predictions, fans might have already grasp a hint of what is going to transpire in Fairy Tail 476. It is scheduled to be released on March 9, 2016.

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