Fairy Tail Zero: 5 Reasons It?s Important in the Alvarez Arc

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Fairy Tail Zero is the prequel to your favorite Fairy Tail Series. It tells you the story of Mavis and how she formed the well-loved Fairy Tail Guild. Here are 5 reasons why you should read it.

#1 The Characters

Aside from Mavis, you will get to meet other amazing characters, good and bad, that molded her into becoming the guild master that she is now. Here they are:

Mavis Vermillion – in the Fairy Tail series, she is portrayed as a happy and carefree girl. In Fairy Tail Zero, you will learn about her tragic past. Nonetheless, it will make you love her even more for overcoming them in the end.

Zera – she starts out as a spoiled daughter of Red Lizard?s master, Zeeself (Mavis? guardian as well), and ends up being Mavis? best friend after surviving Blue Skull?s attack. They accompany each other for 7 years in a deserted island.

Yuri Dreyar – a selfish treasure hunter who makes a deal with Mavis. Who in the end becomes Mavis? most trusted friend and later on in the actual series,becomes father to Makarov, Fairy Tail Guild?s third master. ?

Precht Gaebolg – also a treasure hunter, together with Yuri and Warrod. Precht at first thought very little of Mavis, but as soon as he got to know how tenacious and very smart Mavis is, Precht relies on her to lead them.

Warrod Sequen – appears to be the kindest among the treasure hunters. In Fairy Tail Zero, you will learn how they first got their magic. See how Warrod, who is currently the fourth among the ten Wizard Saints in the series, learns to control plant life for the first time.

Zeref – a cursed lone wizard. Everything he touches dies. He meets Mavis, who gives him hope. Zeref helps Mavis and her friends by teaching them magic.

Zeeself – aside from being Red Lizard?s master, Zeeself is an abusive guardian to Mavis and father to Zera.

Geoffrey – a minor antagonist of Zero. Geoffrey is the leader of Blue Skull and keeper of the Sirius Orb. He is probably the first strong villain that Mavis faces off with in this story.

#2 What happened to lead them to build Fairy Tail

A story of friendship coming together as they are forced to face an adversary. Mavis? past is vital in understanding her relationship with Zeref and the vision she has for the Fairy Tail Guild. Fairy Tail Zero will show you the development of Mavis? character in a very beautiful way that would simply tug your heartstrings.

#3 Zeref and Mavis? first meeting

This will make you ship them all the more. Learn about the soft side of Zeref and how Mavis was able bring light to his darkened heart.

Fairy Tail

Team Zervis- Fairy Tail

#4 Mavis? Condition

In Zero, you will understand how Mavis was able to hold on despite experiencing so many tragedies. You will also know how she lost her ability to age and who exactly Zera is.


#5 Dude! It?s only 13 chapters!

It will definitely be a quick read! So do tell us what you think about Fairy Tail Zero.

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