Fairy Tail Special Omake: FT Stone Age, A Joke?

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Fairy Tail special Omake

Hiro Mashima?s special chapter of Fairy Tail manga series has been released today.? What makes the manga interesting is the timeline, since the setting is during the Stone Age. But some fans commented that the storyline was a joke.

Not everyone is pleased with the ?Fairy Tail Special Omake? of Hiro Mashima. Some fans found it hilarious but there are others who thought it was all a joke and nonsense. It is far different from the previous FT Omake 2 that was released last year.

As it has been mentioned earlier fans believed the story was nonsense. A fan who read the manga series thinks that Hiro Mashima ?is poking fun at all the jokes that he should be drawing Hentai instead.?

Another fan from Manga Stream with a registered user name Dr. Chaotix finds the Fairy Tail Special Omake offensive. According to him, ?The idea of stone age Natsu sexually violating Lucy and keeping her as his rape victim pet isn’t all that entertaining to me personally. I guess Hiro needed an outlet for this since he’s been doing pretty okay at keeping the fanservice away from the main story for about 3 or so weeks. The walls of his office must look like it’s covered in slimy spider webs…?

Other adjectives that fans have thrown in as comments are ?horrible, ridiculous, soft p*rn.? For sure, the negative reactions will go on as die-hard fans read Fairy Tail Special Omake. This special chapter is not what FT fans expect.

Personally, the synopsis of Fairy Tail Special Omake is pretty harmless. As noted, the story happened at a time when people were not civilized and refined yet. Before the Guild, people like Natsu and Lucy and the rest of the characters are but huntsmen and women in Earth Land. But as the story builds up, it slowly becomes repulsive.

While it is true that there was no sexual act, the drawings obviously stimulate the minds of the readers. Hiro Mashima also uses euphemisms to suggest something sexual. The summary of the Fairy Tail can be read here.

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