Fairy Tail New Anime Film Title and Release Date Announced

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Fairy Tail

Fans of the Fairy Tail anime series can testify that there?s no valid reason not to watch it. But as much as its fans want to religiously follow the series, Fairy Tail has been quite slow in releasing feature films.

Currently, there are about 250 episodes of the anime series, but fans will definitely agree that it?s far from enough. But the wait is finally OVER, as GAGA, Fairy Tail?s distribution studio released a statement about the Fairy Tail franchise.

Natsu and his adventures

For those who haven?t watched the anime series, Hiro Mashima?s Fairy Tail is about Natsu, a boy with dragon-like powers and his adventures of becoming a powerful wizard. It is set in a fictional world of Earth-Land, which is inhabited by wizards.

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These wizards united to form a guild called Fairy Tail to enhance their wizardry abilities and earn money out of it. Natsu eventually meets Lucy Heartfillia, who ran away from home to join Fairy Tail, and invites her to join the guild.

Both Natsu and Lucy journeys together to the kingdom of Fiore, to find Natsu?s dragon foster father, Igneel. Happy, Gray Fullbuster, and Erza, who have equally unique abilities, later joined the two, to defeat countless demons.

Fairy Tail 2 Title and Release Date

Fairy Tail?s first feature film, which debuted in 2012, became a hit with the fans. It?s been five long years since the last?feature film, that?s why news immediately spread out as GAGA announced the upcoming franchise.

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GAGA also confirmed the film?s title on their official website. The distributing studio even teased the fans with the first title image for the film, and it?s driving fans crazy!

Fairy Tail

Entitled, ?Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry,? the second feature film was first confirmed in May 2015, on Kodansha?s Weekly Shonen Magazine. As per Comic Book, the movie is set to hit the theaters in Spring 2017.

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Fans can also follow the film?s official Twitter account and The Bitbag for more updates regarding the premiere of ?Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.?

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