Fairy Tail 516 Spoilers: Erza and Eileen To Form An Alliance Against the Spriggan

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Fairy Tail 516 will continue to tell the story of Eileen. It is expected to disclose details about how Erza was born after being kept in her mother?s womb for a hundred years. Also, it might reveal whether or not the Class-S mage will forgive the former dragon queen.

In the previous chapter of the manga series, it was revealed that Eileen tried to use Erza?s body so she can return to her human form. It can be recalled that after Eileen transformed into a dragon, she was more often called ?ugly? by humans. This is the reason why she hated humans since then and why she wanted to be human again.

However, it was as well presented in the latest installment that Eileen?s enchantment failed. She was not successful in using Erza?s body to come back to her human form. Now, this is what fans want to know in the next chapter of the series.

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In Fairy Tail 516, a lot of readers are expecting to know why the enchantment failed. There are speculations that it is because Erza was born as a dragon. So, instead of using her body, Eileen decided to just turn Erza into a human. Should that be the case, then it is safe to assume that Erza might return to her dragon form some time soon.

Another theory states that the enchantment was really successful. It will now be on full effect after Erza found out the story behind it. If this theory would be true, then Erza might die soon while Eileen takes her body.

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Whether or not these theories would take place, the more important questions is, will Erza forgive her mother? As of now, it is still difficult to speculate and fans should wait for the ending of Eileen?s story before predicting what would happen next. However, rumor has it that the two will eventually form a tag team to defeat the Spriggan.

How about you? Do you think Eileen would soon not hate humans and return to their side? Will she form an alliance with her daughter Erza? Find this all out in Fairy Tail 516. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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