A Fairy Tail Kind of Love: Fairy Tail Love Teams

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Fairy Tail
Team Nalu – Fairy Tail Couple

When you?re following a long running series, fans can?t help but root for characters to hook up. Thus, love teams among characters are created. This attachment of fans to the characters are strengthened to the point that among themselves, these fans also form groups according to their favorite couple. Here are the top love teams from the series Fairy Tail.

Team NaLu

Natsu x Lucy – Fans believe in the chemistry of Natsu and Lucy. They have an amazing bond that was tested through time and hardships. Fans say they?ve been through it all, whether good or bad, and still remained strong. Lucy may not be one of the strongest in Fairy Tail but she compliments Natsu and Natsu is at his best when with her.

Team Gruvia

Gray x Juvia – Juvia has always been a happy and cheerful character and it can be said that she loves Gray so much. Their love story started as one-sided but then later on we see Gray becoming affectionate to Juvia. Fans believe that they?ll soon end up together.

Team Jerza

Jellal x Erza – Talk about forbidden love, these two are the best examples. Fans believe that Jellal and Erza?s pairing is the best one and the most real one. They?ve sacrificed so much just to be together, which a lot of fans can relate to. It can be said that their story showed readers much about forgiveness, pain, anger, and of course, love.

Team Zervis

Zeref x Mavis – These 2 have a very tragic relationship. But sometime in the past they were affectionate. Fans say that because the two of them are complete opposites, they suit each other and fulfill each other?s emptiness. Everyone is waiting to know how their story will end.

Fairy Tail

Team Zervis- Fairy Tail

Team Gale

Gajeel x Levy – This amusing pair shows us that love can help change a person from bad to good. Gajeel is portrayed as a really tough guy, a ruthless dragon slayer as a matter of fact but Levy, a bookworm with a very forgiving personality, was able to bring out Gajeel?s soft side. Fans think they are a good match because they deeply care about each other.

Fairy Tail

Fan-Made Fairy Tail Love Teams

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