Fairy Tail Chapter 494 Recap: Spriggan 12 Convenes

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Fairy Tail Chapter 494
Fairy Tail Chapter 494 – Spriggan 12

Fairy Tail Chapter 494 re-introduces the elite unit of Spriggan 12, which serves the Emperor of Alvarez. Branded as the Shields, these powerful mages are highly skilled and are said to be the same level as God Serena (rank one in strength from the Four Gods of Ishgar). They resurrect even the the dead members to complete the 12, to keep Mavis and the Fairy Heart.

Fairy Heart represents Fairy Tail?s greatest secret. A very powerful magic and Fairy Tail?s ultimate weapon. Fairy Heart is Mavis Vermillion?s body encased in Lacrima- which explains why Zeref is keeping her. In this chapter, Zeref instructs Eileen to extract the Fairy Heart from Mavis, using her Isolation Enchantment. Mavis senses Eileen?s power and fears that Eileen can actually do this and separate the Fairy Heart from her.

It seems that the city was demolished after the use of Universe One. Zeref assembles his army men in an impenetrable battle formation as he waits for the members of Fairy Tail to attack. The members of Spriggan 12 are:

  1. Invel is the Emperor?s chief of staff and consul. He is also called the Winter General because of his Ice Magic and Mind Binding Power.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Invel – Spriggan 12

  2. August is the general of Spriggan 12. Also known as the Magic King, he is feared because the extent of his abilities remains unknown.

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Lord August – Spriggan 12

  3. Eileen Belserion, the strongest woman of Spriggan 12. Also known as the Scarlet Despair, she holds the power of Universe One.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Eileen – Spriggan 12

  4. Azir Ramal is a master of controlling sand. Dubbed as the Desert King.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Azir – Spriggan 12

  5. Jacob Lessio is an assassin and master of Stealth and Transport Magics.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Jacob Lessio – Spriggan 12

  6. Brandish is known as the Country Demolisher and has the magic power to manipulate mass.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Brandish – Spriggan 12

  7. Dimaria Yesta, known as the Valkyrie, has the power to control time and her blades in battle.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Dimaria Yesta – Spriggan 12

  8. Rakheid Dragneel was introduced last chapter as the White Dragneel.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 493

    Fairy Tail Chapter 493 – White Dragneel

  9. Neinhart (resurrected) has the power to look into his opponents heart and manipulate them against their will. He possesses Historia of the Dead, a magic that allowed him to resurrect the other three deceased members of Spriggan 12.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Neinhart – Spriggan 12

  10. Wahl Icht (resurrected) is known as the Adjudicator. A creator of mechanized weaponry.

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Wahl Icht – Spriggan 12

  11. Bradman (resurrected) is the feared Grim Reaper who slaughters anyone who gets in his way. Famous for his Curses and Demon magic.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    Bradman – Spriggan 12

  12. God Serena (resurrected) an extremely powerful Dragon Slayer. Also known as Hybrid Theory because of his Dragon Slaying Magics.?

    Fairy Tail Chapter 494

    God Serena – Spriggan 12


Fairy Tail Chapter 494 ended with contradicting statements from both sides: Zeref says that he won?t let Fairy Tail see tomorrow, while Natsu says ?we?ll see a new tomorrow no matter what.?

So what will happen next?

Fans predict that Zeref and his army will be too strong to handle and that an FT member will probably die if they fight in their current state. They also believe that Gildarts Clive will come to their rescue now that Mavis is in a pinch. This will be an interesting plot twist if we confirm that Natsu is indeed Zeref?s brother and that Eileen is Erza?s mother. Let?s find out soon in chapter 495!

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