Fairy Tail Chapter 493 Spoilers: Did We Lose Another Fairy Tail Character?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 493
Fairy Tail Chapter 493

Fairy Tail Chapter 493: ?White Dragneel,? starts off with a weak Mirajane facing an evil woman named Eileen from Spriggan 12. Helpless and without energy, Mirajane is magically tied to a boulder as Eileen approaches to finish her off.


Eileen says that she will not give Mirajane an easy death and goes about melting Mira?s skin, when suddenly, Lord August appears. He is the Spriggan 12?s general. The disrupted Eileen is confronted by the general and asks why she decided to act on her own and use Universe One without permission. Eileen responds that her decision drove Acnolgia away and that she even sent the majesty straight to Fairy Tail.


Lord August then orders Spriggan 12 to gather and convene at his Majesty?s side – leaving Eileen with no choice but to follow. On the side, feeling how strong these two Spriggans are, Mira fears for her life. As Lord August senses another delaying tactic from Eileen, he points at Mirajane with a magic beam that is so strong, it pierces through her heart and the boulder behind her, leaving readers with the impression that Mirajane is dead. Satisfied, Eileen departs along with Lord August and Brandish.


Later into Fairy Tail Chapter 493, a shocking yet touching twist also takes place as Yukino meets her long lost sister Sorano.


Just as when fans are left wondering if there is no more hope for Mirajane, Lisana goes to her side and both of them discover that something has made her wound smaller. Could it have been Brandish? Fans are still left guessing.


The White Dragneel chapter ends with Dimaria, being saved by Rahkeid? Spriggan 12?s, Rahkeid Dragneel. Could we be seeing a White Dragneel versus Acnolgia very soon?

Fairy Tail Chapter 493

Fairy Tail Chapter 493 – White Dragneel



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