Fairy Tail Chapter 476 Spoilers: Wendy To Defeat Dimaria?

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Following ?Dimaria Chronos Yesta,? Fairy Tail 476 is another much-awaited chapter titled ?Bid Farewell to the Magical Girl.? This chapter continues the overwhelming war in the Alvarez Empire arc. However, the chapter is said to focus on the two mages, Wendy and Chelia. Both healers are faced with a difficult decision suggested by Ultear.

Fairy Tail chapter 476 is slated for release on Wednesday, March 9. Spoilers and predictions are coming out from different forums. There is no official synopsis of the episode yet on the manga?s Wikia website. However, the title suggests that a mage will lose her power, or worse, someone will die. It?s speculated that Wendy will eventually lose her power or Charle will die because Wendy and Chelia could not heal her.

However, according to a fan from Mangasaiyan, Fairy Tail chapter 476 will see Wendy rise as a white mage. This might be hard to believe because she doesn?t come across as someone with special abilities.

In previous chapters though, Wendy had her own small victories. Fans of Fairy Tail manga have seen how she managed to defeat an enemy on her own her; at the same time, she also has the ability to incorporate her support skills. This time though, fans are wondering if Wendy would be able to manage her third origin.

In Fairy Tail chapter 475, Ultear offered to help Wendy and Chelia activate their third origin, the power of the future. The catch though is if Wendy and Chelia decide to use the third origin, there is a big possibility that they would not be able to use their power again.

As explained in the previous article, both Wendy and Chelia are not ready to use this power of the future. Their power would burst, and it would be impossible for them to regain it, that?s why Ultear warned them of the risk. However, this is the only way for them to defeat Dimaria who has transformed into her god soul form Chronos, the goddess of time.

Do you think Wendy would be able to manage and incorporate the third origin in Fairy Tail chapter 476 so that her power will not be destroyed?

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