Fairy Tail Chapter 476–One Of The Saddest Parts In The Story

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Fairy Tail chapter 476 is already out, and it is surely one of the saddest episodes of the anime series as one of the magical girls had to give up her magical powers in order to defeat their most powerful foe.

It can be remembered that during the previous episode, Ultear offered Wendy and Chelia the power of the future or also known as the Third Origin. It was after they have realized that Dimaria, who revealed her true identity as Chronos, the Goddess of Time, is such a powerful opponent and in addition, Carla, their friend, is also in danger when she received a powerful blow from the villain.

So, in order for them to defeat Chronos, they have to take Ultear?s suggestion and save their friend. By using the Third Origin, the girls will have a huge power boost as the technique will harness their future magics to be used in their fight against Dimaria. However, if they do so, Wendy and Chelia might not be able to cast magic anymore for their entire lives, said a previous report.

Now, let us discuss Fairy Tail chapter 476. In a review made by The-Newshub, it was considered as one of the saddest part of the series. Because apparently, only one can take the offer from Ultear, thus, one of the girls will lose her power forever.

During the early parts of the chapter, it seemed like Wendy was the one who made the sacrifice because she went charging against Chronos. So, for her to have that kind of courage, she might have gathered the power she needs to destroy the Goddess of Time. However, as reported by The-Newshub, the fight was a bit odd because Wendy ?merely entered Dragon Force Mode,? which is obviously not enough to face the powerful villain.

Here comes the twist. When Chronos unleashed a very powerful magic, Chelia got on its way and deflected it to protect Wendy. So, does that mean she has the power to defeat Chronos? The answer is yes, it seemed like she was the one who took the offer to use the Third Origin because there was even a part where she knocked Chronos and got the villain out of Goddess form.

Eventually, Chelia totally edged Chronos and Wendy will be able to save Carla in the end. But, we all know the consequence of choosing the power of the future, Chelia will lose her magic and she might not be able to cast any at all anymore. Although she is saddened by that fact, she also said love and friendship are way more valuable than magic. ?Love is stronger than magic, you know?? said Chelia while smiling.

Fans are surely having mixed emotions for chapter 476 of Fairy Tail. Happy because the magical girls have finally defeated Chronos. But, sad as well because one of them had to sacrifice her power to defeat the opponent. Well, at least they still have each other?s back and that should be enough for them to face the future?s endeavor.

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