Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 493: Mirajane versus Eileen

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Fairy Tail Chapter 493: Eileen versus Mirajane?
Fairy Tail Chapter 493: Eileen versus Mirajane?

In chapter 492 of the Fairy Tail Manga series, Mirajane revealed her ultimate form, Satan Soul Mirajane Alegria, to enable her to defeat Eileen?s lackeys- Hynhe and Juliet. Eventually overpowering them and losing all her energy, Mirajane was caught off guard when the two henchmen transformed into swords and Eileen appeared. This left fans reeling, anticipating the possible outcome of Mirajane and Eileen?s fight. Now back to her normal form, can Mirajane keep up and fight the ?Scarlet Despair?, Lady Eileen, the strongest woman of Spriggan 12?


A lot of fans are predicting that Mirajane will be weak on her own for this battle, and sense a possible intervention. They think her brother Elfman or Erza Scarlet from Team Natsu, will likely be the best characters to come to her aid. Should Eileen defeat Mira, we could speculate that Erza will hunt her down for hurting a good friend and a Fairy Tail member.


The next chapter may also reveal the connection between Erza and Eileen. Are they sisters or mother ? daughter? Fans could not disregard this idea because of the characters? resemblance and because both mages have exceptional magic potency. If this turns out to be true, this will make Erza Scarlet, Titania, a resident of Alvarez Empire.


Fans also believe that it is time for Gildarts to return, with Fairy Tail members on their way to help Mavis against Zeref. Also, both Zeref and Gildarts still have unfinished business with Acnolgia, The Black Dragon, a key player in the ongoing war. Fans also think that, Zera, Mavis? longtime friend, could also come in the picture to help Fairy Tail in this battle.


Who?s the White Dragneel? Is it Natsu or Zeref? What does White Dragneel mean?


Fairy Tail chapter 493: White Dragneel will surely be a page-turner! For more news, spoilers and updates on Fairy Tail and other anime, visit

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